High tensions prevail in Negev prison

[ PIC 25/10/2013 – 10:17 AM ]


GAZA, (PIC)– A state of high tension prevailed in Negev prison after Israeli Prison Services (IPS) imposed harsh penalties against administrative detainees as a response to their protests in different prisons.

Palestine Center for Prisoners’ Studies confirmed that the IPS insists on isolating 60 administrative detainees in section 6, 23, and 25 following their decision to boycott court sessions starting from Friday.

The prisoners in Negev prison warned the IPS of implications of any punitive measures against them, threatening to step up their protests.

Administrative detainees have declared protest steps starting by the end of this month demanding that they are either charged and tried in an ordinary court of law or released without delay, as befitting the norms of criminal justice systems.

Meanwhile, the leader in Hamas Movement Sheikh Jamal al-Tawil stated that administrative detainees’ protest steps will contribute significantly to end the tragedy of administrative detainees.

The detainees’ decision to boycott the Israeli courts’ sessions would be followed by other steps till their demands are met, he pointed out.

For his part, the PPS stated that 140 administrative detainees will carry out a number of protest steps starting from Friday.

The protest steps include boycotting of Israeli courts, declaring a hunger strike for two days per week in December, and then declaring hunger strike for three days per week in case their demands are not achieved, the center added.

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