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Oct 26, 2013 by occpal

Saudi women are about to crack the ban on driving cars. Beware all you fellow social activists as well! For supporting this protest online will bring you in trouble too!

Under the ridiculous pretext for this ban is the alleged damage to ovaries when a woman would drive a car.

I as a female activist, driver and mother of 4 sons after driving for decades I can assure you all there is no problem going on with my ovaries whatsoever!

muhammad-camelAs a muslima I severely have to oppose this ban under no matter which pretext covered. For such as are used: having flat tires in the middle of the desert, possible rapes and blablabla whatsoever is coming up in the minds of the ‘Ulama who persist in sustaining medieval and solely traditional waswaas, for at the time of out Prophet SAWS he even praised the women of the Quraish for being the best drivers of the camel, his children and even his wives rode the camels.

Well there still are camels. But i doubt when the women decide to go to their friends or activities on a camel such will be also denied in 2013 and whatever idea comes up in the minds the Saudi patrimonial misogynists surely will come up with some other explanation to maintain the hierarchy and especially the lack or disregard of rights of women.

Not only harming the rights of these women, but also making a total fool out of the women of Islam in total and totally complying to the ridiculous views of Islamophobes who love to see us as 6th century simpletons on a sand dune. Way to go!

Untitled-1Which bothers me even more is the one sided implementation of driving rights and abuse of the sunnah in this regard. While men in Saudi transgress literally every teaching of zhuhd by wrecking one jeep or landrover after another in insane races. Watch it here! Or here

Because this whole ban is not of any Sunnah at all, and no 2013 solution even is being considered nor vented to overcome the so called ‘concerns’ before issuing fatwas like these. As for the possibility of getting a flat tire did you ‘Ulama ever think of puncture-proof or solid tires? They really sell them in 2013!

Typical as well these same ‘lawmaker’ do not bother at all about the harassment of Islamic women elsewhere in the world, for so far i haven’t seen any condemnation or negotiations when European sisters wearing a Niqab get beaten, loose babies or even doing jailtime for wearing a veil. So far double standards.

A final word: To those threatening us activists for support of the woman in their quest for rights – and I want to emphasize there are more rights denied than driving! – I want to remember all of you such threats or neither of Islam!

Reminder: The right to “protest” and speak out against injustice is allowed in Islam. It’s literally stated in the Qur’an. So i’m using it. No need to abuse the mainstream to announce any threats for we won’t be silent as long as injustice goes on.

“God does not love evil talk in public unless it is by someone who has been injured thereby”  (4:148)

Because this persisting ridiculous attempts to suppress women’s rights and skills I can only express my support and praise the sisters challenging this ban. May Allaah Subhana wa Ta’ala grant you success and protect you against any evil. Ameen!

Although many – likely increasingly due to bans like these- may think we muslims are really backwards and prudish: Know sex is a common and very openly discussed topic inside Islam. So if I personally would be married to a man barring me from driving a car I would deny intercourse until he would ask me “Which color car do you want!”

Get Real!

womentodriveIf ovaries really would be damaged by ‘driving’ they also would have been damaged in the time of the Prophet SAWS when the women drove camels. Logic tells us now: IF SO there would be no men around nowadays to issue fatwa like these whatsoever in the first place! So men, mind you own ‘business’ and let us mind our ovaries.

There are moments in life, womankind regrets having ovaries and giving birth (to men who invent these kind of “rules”). This is one of these moments…!

Actually there is not one appropriate or serious response possible to this ban.

So watch this video parody by @HishamFageeh. It pretty sums it all up ;)

(In the meanwhile Egyptian blogger @zeinobia reports the whole Telfaz 11 team who made this video statement now is under the surveillance of the security in KSA now. )

Beware though! I am not entirely certain whether laughing out so loudly about this video could cause prolapse of your ovaries sooner than if you would drive a car. Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you ;)

Published on Oct 26, 2013

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