28 year old Palestinian prisoner Salem Kassab loses sight due to medical neglect

[ PIC 28/10/2013 – 04:34 PM ]


JENIN, GAZA, (PIC)– Palestinian Prisoners Society (PPS) in Jenin, warned on Sunday of the deterioration of the health status of prisoner Salem Kassab, aged 28 from the village of Kafrdan west of Jenin, who lost sight in one of his eyes.

Ragheb Abu Diak, Secretary of the PPS, said in a press statement that captive Kassab lost his eyesight due to the deliberate policy of medical neglect in the Israeli occupation prisons.

He added that the Kassab, detained for more than ten years and sentenced to 11 years, has been suffering from problems in the left eye since his arrest.

Abu Diak noted that Kassab needs a surgery but the prison doctors have been refusing to perform it.

He called on the human rights organizations, particularly the International Red Cross to exert pressure on the occupation authorities to allow specialized doctors to visit prisoner Kassab to provide the necessary treatment for him.

The Palestinian government in Gaza held the occupation authorities fully responsible for the lives of sick prisoners, in light of the deterioration of health conditions of some prisoners who suffers cancer.

The Minister for Prisoners and ex-detainees Atallah Abu Subbah said at a press conference held on Sunday evening at the ministry’s headquarters in Gaza City in the presence of the families of patient captives that the sick prisoners in Israeli jails are subjected to a systematic crime inside the prisons.

He urged the World Health Organization and the International Committee of the Red Cross to immediately intervene to save the sick prisoners.

There are 1200 sick prisoners, 25 of them suffer from cancer, in the Israeli jails. More than 150 captives need urgent surgeries.

Abu Subbah, noted that the Israeli prison clinics are lacking specialized doctors, medicines and medical equipment, which has exacerbated the captives’ illnesses.

He called on the international community to shoulder its responsibilities and save the Palestinian prisoners, before it’s too late.

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