Latest Israeli pogrom: Soldiers Ransack Homes and Kidnap 21 Palestinians In West Bank

 Monday October 28, 2013 12:00 by Saed Bannoura – IMEMC & Agencies

[Monday at dawn October 28, 2013] Israeli soldiers invaded various areas in the occupied West Bank, broke into homes and violently searched them, before kidnapping 21 Palestinians, and taking them to unknown destinations. Two of the kidnapped are legislators from Hebron.

Israeli Soldiers File - SAFA News
Israeli Soldiers File – SAFA News

Local sources have reported that dozens of military jeeps invaded Rafidia and Ad-Dahiya neighborhoods, the Northern Mountain area, and the Askar refugee camp in Nablus, and kidnapped twelve Palestinians.

The kidnapped have been identified as Anas Raddad, Anas Ghanem, Abbdul-Rahman Bishtawy, Abdul-Rahman Eshtayya, Awni Shakhsheer, Abdullah Bani Odah, Samir Abu Sho’eib, Amir Tanbour, Amir Eshtayya, Mos’ad Al-Kouni, Kamal Qatalouni and Amjad Bishkar.

Dozens of soldiers also invaded Hebron, in the southern part of the West Bank, broke into the homes of legislators Nizar Ramadan, 55, and Maher Bader, 56, and kidnapped them after violently searching their properties.

Also in Hebron, soldiers kidnapped three Palestinians after violently breaking into their homes and searching them causing excessive property damage. The three have been identified as Mos’ab Zghayyar, 23, Mos’ab Faweeh, 20, and Adnan Abu Yabbana, 53.

Furthermore, soldiers invaded Ya’bod town, near the northern West bank city of Jenin, and kidnapped Jihad Nasser Abu Bakr, 22.

Soldiers also handed a resident identified as Jihad Moneer Abu Bakr, 21, a military order to head to the Salem military base for interrogation.

In the central West Bank district of Tubas, soldiers invaded Tammoun town, violently broke into several homes and kidnapped three Palestinians identified as Qadry Bsharat, Abdullah Bani Odah, and Bassem Bani Odah.

Soldiers also invaded various villages, towns and refugee camps in different parts of the West Bank, and violently searched dozens of homes.

The army further installed roadblocks on different roads and main junctions in the occupied West Bank.

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