Two Palestinian refugees died in Syria camps

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[ PIC 27/10/2013 – 07:09 PM ]


DAMASCUS, (PIC)– Action Group for the Palestinians in Syria said that two Palestinian refugees died on Saturday as a result of the ongoing conflict in Syria.

The group said in a press statement on Sunday that the child Qais Ajou died following the aerial shelling that targeted the vicinity of the Quds Mosque in Daraa camp, while Mahmoud Alaa El Din from the Yarmouk refugee camp died after eating, along his family members, wheat grains contaminated with rat poison.

It stated that several of mortar shells hit Daraa camp, causing no injuries, and pointed that the power outage has continued, along with the severe shortage of food, flour and fuel.

The group said that the residents in Qudsaya in Damascus started leaving the area, because the regular army closed all its entrances and exits and started imposing a blockade on the region.

It pointed out that despite the calm that has prevailed in the streets of the Yarmouk refugee camp, its inhabitants still suffer from the continuation of the blockade imposed by the regular army for the 104th day, and which led to the closure of most hospitals and bakeries, and the shortage of food, medicines and fuel.

Khan Sheikh Refugee camp on Saturday night was also exposed to bombing that caused material damages.

The Action Group the Palestinians in Syria reported that two refugees from the Aydin refugee camp in Homs were arrested by the Syrian security forces.

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