Palestinians won’t accept the deal the PA is negotiating with Israel ~ by Khalid Amayreh


[ PIC 29/10/2013 – 11:59 PM ]

By Khalid Amayreh in Occupied Palestine

Behind a veil of secrecy, Israeli and Palestinian representatives have been negotiating a possible peace deal that would put an end to the century-old confrontation between the West-backed Zionism and the Palestinian people.

Three months have elapsed since the start of the latest round of talks and there is no evidence that progress is being made, mainly due to Israeli intransigence and recalcitrant refusal to end the military occupation which started in 1967.

Firmly backed by the United States , its guardian-ally, Israel feels it has nothing to lose by conducting another round of futile talks with the vanquished Palestinians. Israel also feels, rightly or wrongly, that the “indelible facts” on the ground it has been creating since 1967, a reference to Jewish settlements east of the 1948-armistice line, would make any conceivable settlement with the Palestinians inherently and overwhelmingly in Israel’s favor.

More to the point, the Zionist regime, confident about its powerful clout in Washington , is under no pressure, international or otherwise, to give real “concessions” to the Palestinians and reach what could be considered a dignified deal that would meet minimal Palestinian aspirations.

The PA security agencies are working day and night to eradicate any active resistance to Israel in the West Bank. This is happening despite Israel’s unmitigated provocations, not the least murdering Palestinians, often in cold blood, unjustly detaining them for prolonged periods on largely concocted charges and continuing settlement expansion.

Hence, it is grossly unlikely that these negotiations will achieve a real breakthrough. In fact, it is against the laws of nature that Israel, thoroughly intoxicated by arrogance of power, will agree to come to terms with even 20% of Palestinian rights and grievances.

Israeli and Palestinian officials agreed to refrain from leaking any details about the talks to the media. However, according to PLO official Yaser Abed Rabbo, no progress has been made and the talks continue to go around in circles.

But Palestinians at home and in the Diaspora are completely justified in voicing their worry and apprehension about the talks. After all, it is no secret that Israel is trying rather relentlessly to force Palestinian negotiators to negotiate in accordance with the balance of power, not the rule of international law.

Like many Palestinians, this writer has no illusions as to Israeli willingness to recognize Palestinian rights, including the right of millions of miserable Palestinian refugees to return to their former homes and villages from which they were expelled at gunpoint when Israel was created in 1948.

I simply don’t expect Israel to change the color of its skin in the next six months or even six years.

But there are widespread worries amongst Palestinians that our negotiators may be bullied by their leadership, specifically Abu Mazen, to reach a deal by hook or by crook. Abu Mazen is 78, and he may have a certain tendency to give a disproportionate price in order to see his life dream fulfilled.

But there are those who would argue that Palestine is greater than its leaders and that the cause which outlasted Yasser Arafat could also outlast Mahmoud Abbas.

In truth, such a thunderously scandalous deal wouldn’t only be a clarion betrayal for Palestinian and Arab struggle in the past 100 years, but would also be a grand treason in the full sense of the term.

What else would one call the liquidation of fundamental national rights under the rubric of a deformed state that has a shape ( a misshapen one ) but has no substance?

President Abbas seemingly doesn’t care much about the paramount right of return for the refugees. He has repeatedly voiced his disinterest in the right of return.

But this right is actually the crux of the matter for millions of refugees. Indeed, in a certain sense, the right of return is the Palestinian question.

Likewise, there are real fears among our people that under the pretext of reaching a land swap, Israel would be able to keep its occupation of the bulk of East Jerusalem as well as retain the majority of Jewish colonies in the West Bank .

Needless to say, that would constitute a shocking final victory of the thief-rapist over his victims. I say this because Israel has always been thief and rapist as far as we are concerned. In the final analysis, the enduring Israeli occupation of Palestine is an act of theft as well as an act of rape.

In the final analysis, the Palestinian leadership’s obsession with the issue of statehood must not lead to adopting a slack attitude on our part toward the fundamental and central issues of the conflict.

At the end of the day, statehood is not a matter of life and death as our people have survived all these years without it.

Indeed, the secret behind our survival, achieved more or less despite history, is attributed to our enduring vigor, ability to withstand pressure and refusal to give in or give up in the face of calamity.

Hence, the PA negotiators are called upon to observe and fathom the following points.

First, Yes, you are, at least technically, answerable to your leadership in Ramallah. But you are first and foremost responsible to the Palestinian people. Remember this very well.

Second, remember that you would have to convince every Palestinian child, man and woman at home and in the Diaspora of whatever deal you might reach with our enemies. Don’t underestimate your people’s intelligence. You are not above the people and you have no immunity against foul-playing of any kind, even in concert with the leadership.

Finally, you repeatedly declared that you wouldn’t cross the national constants, accepted by all Palestinian factions. Keep your word. Remember, you are responsible to us, not to John Kerry or Sisi or any other Arab tyrant eager to gain political legitimacy at the expense of the Palestinian people and their just cause.

Remember, we are not a nation of illiterates and ignoramuses who would “accept it as is.” We have been through it all, from creation to destruction, and wouldn’t be fooled by anyone.

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