Turkish coastguards rescue 28 Palestinian refugees stranded at sea

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[ PIC 29/10/2013 – 03:52 PM ]

ANKARA, (PIC)– Turkish coastguards rescued Palestinian and Syrian refugees off the coast of Turkey at an early hour on Tuesday morning.

The refugees were deceived by one of the smugglers who promised to take them from Turkey to Greece but left them in the middle of the route.

One of the passengers on board had appealed to the Action Group for Palestinians in Syria for help at dawn Tuesday.

He said that the boat with 28 Palestinian and Syrian refugees on board left from southern Izmir towards Greece but the owner of the boat, who took money from them in return for his “services”, left them in the middle of the way and took with him the boat’s engine.

He said that the passengers were worried about their fate but the Turkish coastguard arrived at the scene at an early hour and evacuated them.

A boat carrying around 400 Palestinian and Syrian refugees came under Libyan gunfire off the coast of Tripoli while en route to Italy on 11th October and the boat capsized in an area between Malta and Italy.

Two hundreds of those on board drowned or went missing and dozens of corpses are still in the capsized boat.

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