Can Zionism fool all of the people all of the time? ~ by Dr. Tariq Shadid aka @docjazzmusic

Musical Intifada 10 June 2012 | by Dr. Tariq Shadid aka Doc Jazz

Also published at Palestine Chronicle – The Israeli colonization of Palestine continues unabated, and the political show that protects and enables it has become a boring and repetitive charade. At the same time, it serves to feed the agendas, wallets and speeches of politicians and others who like to pretend that they believe in a ‘negotiated solution’. It doesn’t take a genius to see how this deceptive game works, but it may be helpful to those whose eyes are filled with the sand that routinely gets sprinkled into them by Zionist spin doctors and their supporters around the world, to have the scenario spelled out in a clear and unambiguous way.

First of all, let us have a look at the cast, as well as the audience, in this theater of deceit. Of course, first of all there are Israelis and Palestinians; then there is the Arab world, the United States, the so-called ‘Quartet’ and the International Community. Each of these play their own role in making sure that the charade continues, effectively resulting in the continuing theft and colonization of more and more Palestinian land. This is what we have seen, and this is what we will continue to see if nothing changes. Nowadays, the ‘debate’ centers around ‘settlements’ and ‘settlers’. Let’s have a look at what this is really about.

‘Settlers’: ‘Israel”s trained and armed terrorist militia

The first deception that needs to be exposed for what it is, is the fake distinction between ‘Israelis’ on the one hand, and ‘settlers’ on the other. If you follow mainstream media, you would be tempted to believe that Israelis are ordinary citizens in a democracy that is similar to the democracies of Europe or the American continent, while settlers are religious extremist fanatics who often are at odds with the Israeli establishment.

If you believe this, you are actually wrong twice, since the Israelis are not ordinary citizens but themselves settlers or their offspring, who all – men and women – have served their mandatory time in the military for training. Those who are called ‘settlers’ are Israelis from that same population, who are further armed, financed and trained by that same Israeli establishment, and showered in luxury in order to tempt them to populate the new Zionist colonies on stolen Palestinian land.

Those they call ‘Israeli citizens’ live in the older Zionist colonies, that were established by the expulsion of the indigenous Palestinians and the destruction of their villages and cities in 1948. The so-called ‘settlers’ live in the newer colonies, established in a similar way on lands occupied in 1967. If you wish to be confused and misled, go ahead and fall for that deceptive distinction, and you will fail to see that the settlements are the outposts of the Israeli colonization of Palestine, populated by their armed terrorist militia that works closely with the Israeli army. This cooperation is illustrated most clearly by the way that the Israeli army protects the settlers when they conduct their destructive rampages through Palestinian villages and farmlands.

Financing disunity

As for the Palestinians, they are tied down by the harsh circumstances of the occupation, as well as by their own flaws. One of the reasons for the complexity of their situation is of their own doing, namely their faction-inspired disunity. It lays the perfect groundwork for the Israelis to practice ‘divide and conquer’.

Being dependent on money from the West is the main factor that keeps the Palestinian Authority toeing the line in this sordid game. It is to be hoped that they realize what staying in the game means for the future of the Palestinians, but their lamenting ritual usually steers away from criticizing the most essential deceptions of the charade.  On June 8th, the PA complained about Israel’s settlement policies with the following words: “This Israeli government’s priority is to appease the settlers, not to resolve the conflict.”

Keeping what was commented on previously in mind, they have it all wrong; Israel’s priority is to tighten their grip on Palestinian land which they plan to never return. The ‘settlers’ are the armed terrorist militia that they have deployed for this goal. Settlement debates, even in Israeli parliament, are just part of the show.

Good cop, bad cop: they need to condemn, we need to build

This leads us to one of the main actors that enable this show to keep its Palestinian-land-devouring momentum: the United States of America. Under the deceptive layers of theatrical grime and costumes, it basically boils down to a ‘good cop, bad cop’ routine, with the USA posing as the ‘good cop’. A quick overview of almost two decades of ‘Oslo’ negotiations clearly displays that the United States support Israel’s settlement policies as much as they support the Israeli occupation itself, in spite of their efforts at claiming the opposite. The USA ‘condemns’ Israeli settlement expansion in words, while at the same time funding it with millions of American taxpayers’ dollars. Even in this ‘era of communication’, action still speaks louder than words.

On June 7th, Ariel Attias, Israeli Housing Minister, summed up the US-Israeli charade on settlement expansion.”They need to condemn. We need to build.” Does it come any clearer than that?

Crocodile tears in the audience

No show is any good without an audience, and even that is something that has been well-provided for. Since the beginning of this century, the world has been introduced to a new player at the table, namely the ‘Quartet’. This basically non-existent entity is said to be comprised of the United States, the European Union, Russia and the United Nations, and supposedly plays the role of a more objective force that has the capability of representing the International Community. In fact, what it truly serves as is a neutralizing chip that is meant to create a semblance of this representation, with as its main objective to render the International Community passive and inactive. This is why this so-called Quartet is barely ever mentioned, unless there is an issue that seems to require the opinion of the ‘outside world’.  When the ‘Quartet’ does speak, all it does is shed a few crocodile tears about the ‘tragedy of the ongoing conflict’.

This should be no surprise, since at least 50 % of this group entails two main pro-Israeli forces: Europe, birthplace, trading partner and moral hostage of ‘Israel’, and the United States, the big bulldog that is sworn to protect Israel’s interests at whatever financial, military or strategic cost. If the idea was to have this balanced into impartiality by the presence of the United Nations (which has both these forces strongly represented in it as well, including American veto power) and by Russia, which has lost all interest in the Israeli question ever since it threw off Communism, we only deserve the title of gullible fools if we buy into this. You would think no one would, but the sad fact is that many in the International Community do, even while knowing better than to do so.

Arabs: no fingers to make a fist

Motivated by selfishness, lack of principle, and a cocktail of moral, economical and strategic weakness, this last group is most visibly represented by the Arab nations. We can’t even blame the so-called ‘Arab Spring’ for this, since all these factors have been rendering the Arab voice – and even more so the Arab fist – impotent in the face of Zionism at least since the 70’s.

What we do see however, is how ‘Israel’ plays its cards comfortably to the backdrop of increased Arab disarray in this period of revolution. At times it appeals to the West for sympathy when it depicts potentially successful Arab revolutions as a threat to its existence. At other times it uses human rights violations in Arab states in revolutionary turmoil as an excuse to boost its own deceitful image as ‘the only democracy in the Middle East’, while making gestures of benevolence (like its fake utterances of sympathy for Syrian civilian victims) that attempt to mask its deeply and inherently racist anti-Arab ideology.

Will we be fooled all of the time?

Having seen all of this, the question remains: isn’t there anyone who sees through this ridiculously dirty setup? Why has this deceitful theater show been allowed to continue for two decades, resulting in nothing but a tightened Israeli grip on territories it occupies in violation of International Law and United Nations resolutions? The answer to this question is not as far-fetched as it may seem at first sight.

In a world run by governments that manage to confuse their citizens by instigating as much bickering as possible over domestic issues, while drawing unwarranted mandates from these populations to manage their foreign policies in any way they please to, it is not to be marveled at that governments and main stream media are doing everything they can to keep up appearances. In other words, it is not because they themselves fail to see through the charade, but because they have a stake in it.

And the rest of us? Ordinary citizens, with an inquisitive mind of our own, who do not enjoy being taken for fools? We see through it, and we search for tools to unmask it, to oppose it, and to defuse it. Keeping in mind that many Palestinian family incomes depend directly upon the existence of a Palestinian Authority, there are not many Palestinians who truly believe that the words used in those charades actually have any meaning. The same goes for many of those who inhabit the Arab World and other ex-colonies of the West, many of them recognizing the patterns of these deceptive political games. As for the populations of the United States and Europe, awareness of the situation is on a steady increase thanks to the courageous efforts of pro-Palestinian activists and writers, despite desperate attempts by Zionist ‘sayanim’ and other (often paid) protagonists of Zionism to flood social media with their propaganda.

The words of Abraham Lincoln spring to mind: “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time.” Two decades is quite a lot of time, and the hour is nearing when we must prove that Lincoln was right. Soon enough, the curtain on this political charade must fall, and the show must be over.

Truth does not bother “Israel”

Pushing Buttons Do. To mute from “Tweeting until Termination”

“You know very well, and the stupid Americans know equally well, that we control their government, irrespective of who sits in the White House. You see, I know it and you know it that no American president can be in a position to challenge us even if we do the unthinkable. What can they (Americans) do to us? We control congress, we control the media, we control show biz, and we control everything in America. In America you can criticize God, but you can’t criticize Israel…” ~ Israeli Spokeswoman Tzipora Menache | And Comment by Prof. Paul J. Balles

Buttons Buttons Buttons! The only thing which moves “The State of Israel” in all it’s actions to defy the global meltdown of hasbara (propaganda) and even worse… are buttons.  Zion literally uses buttons for everything!  Below an overview why:

The Tweet- Button

10 Million Shekels to learn diplomats how to tell more lies

This morning Israel’s tabloid YNet posted an article on how Lieberman (again) is investing in the digital warfare to polish up the PR for Israel, sustain the myths, and beware Israel from implosion of the aircastle it build carefully in the past 63 years in which technology and social networking was not that developed. Stating with the sideline “Battle for September” Lieberman pulled out the wallet and threw another bold 10 Million shekels on the table to instruct Israeli diplomats HOW-TO-TWEET!

Announcement of training on Twitter PR

Apparently Avigdor’s first idea to hire Internet Soldiers  did not work out that well. That time Joe convicend the Knesset to handover NIS 600.000 to recruit cyber-troops to “fight the “well-oiled machine” of “pro-Palestinian websites, with huge budgets…You can all read it here

Apparently again not very succesful for on Febr 24 2011, Israel invested another $1.6 million in new media warriors.  Apparently there has not been money to “upgrade” the old ones. Or might they just have been failing for they keep on trying an trying since 2006 when Amir Gissin Director Public Affairs (Hasbara) Department had a special tool develope to Give Israel Your United Support (in short GIYUS) names “Megaphone”

Hence, we understand times change and Social Media too, the web is working increasingly against Israel. Is speeding up and so are we. Facts that have been hidden for the eye now get visible in a second and demolishes Israel’s image and hasbara faster than it can be invented in the first place.

The Call to Web-Duty

After the development of Megaphone, “GIYUS (Give Israel Your United Support-hasbaracrew) called all Jews of world to web duty”. The simpletons at Ynet pu again another nothing leaving to imagination sideremark: WEB WAR , adding, the whole campaign was litterally designed to “influence public opinion

Observing the possibilty of an exhausted Palestine calling on UN for statehood, on May 25 of this year, Israel Foreign Ministry bracing for a flood of pro-Palestinian tweets ahead of the UN session on a Palestinian state already published an article in Ha’aretz (or as wel call it Hasbara3retz) Israel was preparing itself for Twitter war over Palestinian state!

The Hitlist-Button

The GIYUS Flotilla “Hitlist”

Unfortunately for Israel, the Flotilla was trying to come over to Gaza, and on June 20, 2011 GIYUS quickly changed it’s “target” from general hasbara into a real pointed target by publishing openly a hitlist to target the peaceful human rights sailers (online) As you can see at the hitlist and the previous link to the whole appeal of GIYUS, there we’re even buttons added for quick access to the data of the so called flotilla-dangers. Well buttons, links. For it seems the webdevelopment department of GIYUS fell short on budget to create some real buttons or they just lack that knowledge too.

Forget just all details, hasbara is so funneled up in minds of the users, that they cannot comprehend more than pushing a button. So the Megaphone and buttons disguised as plain html-links will do for them. Which makes it easy for when not being paid you do not want to loose much time in saving Israel for the love is mainly as longlasting as the shekel reaches.

The Edit-Button

Proudly presenting Wikipedia-Altering-Courses in guardian

Israel’s spam propaganda machine has targeted many online activists  before us in a way that even wikipedia even has an entry about it. Megaphone desktop tool From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (we don’t guarantee the content for it is known that even wikipedia is no reliable source (for a long time…. ) so GIYUS ensures that even at wikipedia you do not get truth but only Israel’s version/vision of reality, the Eretz also finances training courses on Wikipedia editing. Changin history for the sake of Hasbara.

The Spam-Button

So how does GIYUS work? Well mainly the one -button-policy consist out of reporting. Reporting all those who not comply with the zionist ideology, determine them as anti-semetic and thus forming a threat to the Eretz. Anti-Zionism is NOT Anti-Semitism,  but the recruits are drilled to act on command. Push the buttons.

This way you, as a normal common sense person, retweeting, or reposting a pro-palestine link get’s suspended at Facebook, Twitter, censored at Reddit or where ever on the WWW where social activism takes place.

In their supremacy thinking we as online activists are backwards as well, quickly hiding the facts when they are exposed, like happened at Reddit on Aug 10, 2011, when GIYUS quickly removed their page that pointed out their “existance”. Really pathetic for they are hosted here at

The Report-Button

Facebook has become zion's PR vehicleA very “grateful” platform for GIYUS on which they endulge themselves in reporting anything they do not like or which poses an imaginary threat to the existance of Israel, the GIYUS and birthright-recruits go berserq in abusing the report-button reporting your posts as spam untill it is deleted . Like the Oneworld song: Freedom for Palestine.  A song that threatens the existance of Israel. Really.  They stopped the song from spreading, but they can’t stop us from singing. We love the song! It gives a great beat to blog on!

The Abuse Button

A post on Stand with Israel Facebook Page on abuse of reporting

As is pointed out here by this common sense user of Facebook in a reaction in a thread about the OneWorld song, on the page of “Stand with Israel”: “The button is for ABUSE not for childish games”. Childish indeed but hence, we take it as a badge for as soon as GIYUS starts targeting, you know you are on  the path of truth. They don’t like truth, nor facts. Engaging in that makes no sense either, for where no braincells are working, you can push buttons as much as you like it will not activate their common sense as in NEVER.They only try to buy time so you won’t post another link or message of truth which exposes their lies.

How to encounter the hasbara-chayal (soldier)

So for your conveniece a link to read 10 tips to deal with the Zionist Internet Spam Machine

Many activists or Pro-Palestinian users of Facebook got suspended or saw their page totally vanished from the Machson bli Paneem (Book without Face), great names too, like footballstar Marcelo Vieira da Silva Júnior,  Ismael Haniyeh, UrukNet and more where removed from the Online Checkpoint.

The Alert Button

The Presidents Phone

This is only a temporary incovenience which can be overcome by creating a new one and just post on like you used to do. Eden Abergil did the same. Eden, one of the real “tough” ones of Tzahal, was removed by Facebook after the army (as usual) quickly hit the alert button, probably called Mark Zuckerberg Red Phone and ordered to remove the profile, for she was posting pictures of humiliating Palestinians. But Eden came back! If Eden can do it you can do it!

Other vanishing trophy pictures can be found here

The Lobby Button

Israel has all in it’s “pocket”

And if Israel cannot handle the problem, the Israeli lobby will!  They will take care any exposure of facts about the ugly Israeli truth is quickly covered by some more hasbara: From Jerusalem 2 Washington, Myth Disguised as News

In this video is explained how Israel manipulates the US Media so Israel makes sure, even if something gets into ears of  mainstream media or journos, it is not being broadcasted or published. You are kept “ignorant”!

If that won’t work AIPAC will. For Bibi knows to push the Washington buttons very well as he stated: America is a thing you can move very easily’. So while the US taxpayer is lacking social security, 24,6 children lack dental care, US is funding 30 billion tax dollars military and other aid to Israel to close every mouth which is speaking truth or prevent one to enter so no one will not be able to recall. The real threat: Eyewitnesses

The Fire Button

Today Aug 29, 2011, Jerusalem Post fired Larry Derfner!   Since 600BC (The Athens’ Democratic Ideology of Free Speech) civilization talks about Free speech, “The State of Israel” killed it on monday evening on July 11, 2011 by a vote of 47 to 38 for a new anit-boycott  law killing merely every form of free speech.

While  81% of Israeli thinks it would be great to get into the EU,  majority votes for the  bill. A rude violation of Art.10 of European Convention on HumanRights as well as Art 19 & International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR)

IOA set back history to midievel ages, I suppose it will not take too long before we will have a hebrew version of the Index Expurgatorius for Pro-Paletinians books or Pro-Palestinian journalism, and as it seems Larry Defner is the first victim.

The “State of Israel calling itself a Democracy, banning free speech about the conflict or any criticizm about occupation from the outside, also “in house” censores the critical voices  while Free Speech is a basic and necessary condition for any freepolitical of moral debate.  Welcome to “Israel”: The first and sole “democracy” in the world which is not only besieging Palestine and it’s complete population & since July 11, 2011  legally controlling and besieging also the minds of it’s entire own people.

The PRESS Button

Unarmed, pressjournalist arrested and click the picture to enlarge whats been put below his jacket. This is how Israel fears press and those who can convey the truth

Occupation committed 120 violations against Journalists, arrested 17. (Report)

Israel’s greatest fear is Truth. Those who tell so or can convey in word, images or film are attacked, ransacked, equipment confiscated, targeted violent, shot at, gassed, detained and forced to collaborate and more. Read all documented attacks on press on this blog here.  The crackdown of press is beyond every imagination. This fact should wake people up on itself, why Israel is so afraid of documenting it’s crimes for they have been able to prevent this reality for too long. Time’s are changing and current technology enables us to share real time events which is suppressed by all means. Women press anchors get live attacked with tear gas, photographers filmed while shot at, and all is done to prevent them even from entering the territories. This is why all Palestine needs your help to share news and footage, to get it OUT of there.

The Hijack Button

Yes hijacking too. Zionism is investigation the depths of morals and technical possibilities, probably living in the delusional state of mind we would not notice. Well we do. The live microblogging media on the internet, in which now Israel diplomats get instructed, is real time. So anything that is blogged will be seen. Faster than it can be removed as well.  IOA knows, so they follow activists even on twitter. And when they are not even active in a non-violent protest, but just standing around a soldier shouts: Israeli Soldier: “We follow you at Twitter!” (at 2:47 min) – video

Soldiers caught hijacking a tweeps phone

But the real laugh of the century we had, when an Israeli soldier was caught live hijacking @Abou_Charlie ‘s Phone To Send Out Lies. Abou Charlie is an eloquent English speaking tweep, so his short failing of decent grammar tweets worked suspicious right away.

After this Abou Charlie got loads of new followers which not are lucky to get trustworthy and hasbara free newsupdates & analysis about Palestine’s events. Which proof again, all action of IOA to hide the truth work couterproductive.

The Pope’s Button

Not even the Pope is allowed to speak up for Palestine

On June 29, 2011 84 year old Pope tapped his iPad and entered twitter by sending his first tweet:  “Dear Friends, I just launched Praised be our Lord Jesus Christ! With my prayers and blessings, Benedictus XVI.” and almost immediately got 33.000 followers

If the Pope does so, Israel can’t stay behind of course. For Christians are also inconvenient in the Lebensraum of Zion. 100.000 have been expelled during the Nakba and enduring the occupation as well. For like many kept ignorant don’t know, Palestinians come in many kinds, also Christian ones. And they are all brother but also all goyim.  And for the Pope had some critics on Israel’s policies towards Palestinians (Christians as well as Muslim) they do not spare the wholy man again in criticizing him or just leave it to imagination with hasbara again to cast some doubt and feed intolerance.

The Beck Button

No dear readers, this is no typo. No need to email me. Israel hit the Beck Button, the Glenn Beck Button. For salvation of the nations hasbara it even cuddle’s up witj Christian Zionists of the worst kind who do not love the books of Abraham, Mozes and Isaaq, but just a profiteering and prophetizing about the Rapture if the Pay-Button is not hit quickly enough.  Just forget about the Jewishness of the “State of Israel”, there is no Judaism in Zionism.

Where the pope is criticized, Zion inhales Christian zionism for enforcement and even cuddles up with Holocaust denying Neo-Nazis and invites them to Knesset. But than, Glenn Beck was there too punching his button.. eh butt, against those of the Baruch Marzel. Marzel, seen below meeting Beck, was the secretary of Rabbi Meir Kahane’s Kach movement. Which is an outlawed organisation in the “State of Israel”

Glenn Beck meeting Baruch Marzel previous secretary of the Meir Kahane Kach Terrorist Movement

Not only in Israel, but also considered terrorist organizations by Canada, the European Union and the United States. See, for example, item 20 of the State Department’s current list of designated foreign terrorist 0rganizations. For sure Beck, a self appointed expert on terrorism and the new world order, will explain this as part of his field work. Be sure not to  miss Ami Kaufman’s report from the historic event!

The Mute Button

No criticism will be allowed, Israel prevents it even by hiding facts or altering history

To Restore the Courage Glenn held a speech near the Temple Mount and the reaction of Feiglin was: “Jews like it when goyim finally smile at them, but sometimes a smile is more dangerous than a scowl, and this is one of those occasions,” for Feiglin noted that Beck was purposely holding his event close to the site where, according to the New Testament, Jesus overturned the tables of the moneychangers where Jews on pilgrimage to Jerusalem redeemed funds for sacrifices that would be made in the Temple. He said this was problematic, because the incident has been a source for anti-Semitism for centuries. “This created the image of Jews as pursuers of money and Christian anti-Semitism that led to rivers of Jewish blood,” according to Feiglin.

So they hit the Mute Button, and send Glenn Beck Back so he could push the call the stewardess button in the airplane.

Enough sarcasm and over to the really damaging button policies of IOA

It is obvious, the State of Israel, owning almost 90% of world’s media, has a great problem with all those who it is not able to control namely the free thinking people which can not be paid for funneling up nor accepting propaganda and all those looking for the truth. For there are more and more humans with common sense whose veils of ignorance are falling. The blanket of hasbara which disguised the ugle crimes of Zionism are withdrawn and the Internet seems to be the most damaging thing for “The State of Israel’s” existance.

Israel is not able to control this. So it tries to manipulate it. Now, by sending it’s ambassadors and representatives to Hasbara-Class. And if this does not work out, kill witches will do the job to keep the ugly truth out of your eyes.

The Kill Switch

The Kill Switch

On August 9, 2011 Israel pushed the kill switch on Gaza.  As hasbara wants to make us believe, the initial denying reports on Aug 10th, 2011 in which Israels Occupying forces claimed they had nothing to do with it. Where on the evening itself, also via the internet reports came in from Palestinians in Gaza witnessing bulldozers at work. We don’t buy that neither for Jawwal’s cable lies at a depth of 20 meter. Knowing hasbara’s system, it is just a matter of time untill some media, mostly in the US comes with the “explanation” . This time from Aaron Klein, well known for his great imagination and phantasy, well paid by the Zionist lobby at WND: Israel’s armed forces prevented a major terror attack and for this it had to cut the lines.

Regarding the previous attempts of other governments in revolting countries where the killswitch was applied after the successful #Jan25 Egypt communication, we like to remember you that also in Egypt, many people died because of the lack of communication. People we’re bleeding to death while no possibility to call an ambulance. Many have lost their lives this way.

Many in Gaza believe this blackout on Aug 9, 2011 was just a rehearsel for a major blackout during another operation on Gaza. For by any means, coverage of the almost daily bombings, shellings and violence are increasingly being censored from media, coverage, journalists or alternative or mainstream media denied, harrassed or even jailed.

The Electricity Switch

A child in Gaza hospital during dialysis

The “State of Israel” not only besiegs Gaza by air, land and the sea, it also prevents fuel or materials for repair of the sole electricity plant which results in a daily forced cut of electricity to keep main systems running. But either way or another, those cuts cost Lives  Electricity. Not mentioning the denial of supplies for hospitals which put for example 400 lives in danger, the dialysis machines, incubators, breathing apparatuses also only function when served with electricty and those cuts cause deaths

The Water Switch

Gazan man carries the body of his dead child after Israel opened the dam deliberately

Water needs treatment as well. Almost 90% of Gaza’s drinking water is polluted and unfit for consumption causing many water born diseases. Without electricity this plant neither can work. So, causing deaths as well. In the past “State of Israel” also pushed a button so the dam preventing Gaza from being flooded, opened, and flooded it by purpose. Damaging more, of the already during Operation Cast Lead damaged 60.000 houses, killing live stock and ruin that which was left to the people of Gaza and even killed people. Directly and indirectly, for without power or with floods, denial of repairs, no sewerage is available which worsens the health threats caused by water pollution or lack of drainage.

The Information-Switch

Communication is a human need and became a Human Right for  Art 19 of the ICCPR which is part of the International Bill of Human Rights. Human Rights are universal. For all humans. There is only one race: The Human Race.

Article 19 of the ICCPR states that “Everyone shall have the right to freedom of expression; this right shall include freedom to seek, receive and impart information and ideas of all kinds, regardless of frontiers, either orally, in writing or in print, in the form of art, or through any other media of (their) choice.” This right requires that all governments meet their responsibility to ensure that no one is silenced or excluded simply because they lack access to communication technology or is deprived of information or communication also for the purpose of social, moral and healthconditions.

Interview with Electronic Intifada on the Gaza BlackOut

Nader Elkhuzundar explained in an interview with  Electronic Intifada that the people feared a blackout would coincide with an Israeli attack on the captive population of Gaza, and without any connection to the outside world, totally locked down and closed in, with no place to go, neither the people outside Gaza nor those inside could really know what was happening not any coverage of any crisis would be able to exit the Gaza Strip.

The Terminate Button

Forget all details. For it is all and only about ethnic cleansing.

Map of the “Greater Israel” as published by a radical settler movement

Israel is not looking for peace nor talks about peace. It is looking for this: The Greater Israel. On Aug 30, 2010 long before peace talks Netanyahu vowed to make no concessions, and confirmed the final goal reiterating the Eretz Israel stretches from the Mediteranean Sea to the River Jordan.

This complies with the Map of the Greater Israel as issued by a Radical Zionist Settler Movement.

With an Op-Ed in New York Times titled “Making the Land of Israel Whole”  by Chair of World Likud Danny Danon confirmed Netanyahu saying: a Palestinian state is unacceptable, place for only 1 state in “land of Israel” and in another video stating  a Palestinian state is unacceptable, place for only 1 state in “Land of Israel”  (This video is by the way removed soon after activists starting pointing to this video with the Israeli Delete-Button)

In the proces of achieving the “Greater Israel” Zionism has been succesful in all silence and ignorance of the world, in committing over 77 massacres to establish the “Jewish Nation” leaving the Palestinians in the West Bank only 22% of the land of the historical Palestine. It did not stop there, for an ongoing massacre is going on every day. Today, 173 people have been killed in 2011 so far. And we haven’t even reached the end of the year.

2 Year Old Islam Qreqa’a before and after an Israeli attack

During a recent operation on Gaza, starting Aug 18, 2011 again another Slaughter in Gaza was committed amid World Silence. Yet no comments from Western governments.  And here you will find the images you did not see in your local media or news.

Neither the atrocities committed by the “State of Israel” during Operation Cast Lead, the previous massacre on Gaza in December 2008 till January 2009 in which over 1400 people, mostly women, elderly and children lost their lives.

Israel’s Game Style Remote Killing Technology

If no buttons are pushed, directly or remote like in the picture aside an Israeli Soldier operating a drone from behind a computer – Israel’s Game Style Remote killing technology– , the zionist entity harrasses the people of Gaza with mock-attacks, in West Bank with sound or tear gas bombs, the last caused immediately the 1st day of this year the death of Jawaher Abu Rahma and after her killed 172 other Palestinians. In any way, by any means possible: Ethnic cleansing hidden, censored, or silenced by force for the world, disguised as archeology or by propaganda.

The Trigger-Button

The “State of Israel” itself declared a Web War and called it’s “recruits” to duty. That was enough, for those immune to hasbara, with a common healthy sense and intelligence to judge of our own, immune to insults of our braincapacities to be triggered. We engage.

Related to: Israel’s Web War Declaration

We will not remain silent and the voices for truth become louder.

And so we repeat:

► No US sponsored tear gas works here, we have Firewall in stead of an Apartheid Wall….
► No live rounds we use like you, we are non-violent, we use Plain Bytes of Truth…
► No restrictions of movements, we travel fast and free and no buttons close our gateway…
► No oppression can stop us, we are many and API is our weaponry….
► No matter you state, we will multiply the truth faster than your hasbara can travel on the WWW….
► No “influence public opinion”-calls needed, truth is shouting out for Palestine
► The Lobby does not work here, we “work” for free, and feel no call for duty but Justice & Human Rights for Palestine
► We are Many, Millions, Tireless and Unstoppable..and WE KNOW how to push buttons

In social justice protests in Israel called #j14, the people of “Israel” call for Social Justice, forgetting about the equal rights for the neighbours or even those of Palestinian origin inside “Israel” Also to them we want to send this wake-up call. Your government is wasting money, your taxmoney to learn how to spread lies or polish up the ugly truth to an acceptable PR level, which is not exactly the mission of a diplomat.  We already witness your expensive Danny Ayalon spending many many hours on twitter answering ridiculous questions, with no facts at all.

Maybe #j14, should consider also the cost of this project again, for as the whole occupation, suppression, oppression, annihilation and lies never will work out in the end, but are the main and sole reason, your “government” let’s you suffer for the costs, now again for another 10 million NIS.

The pushing of buttons in every way has cost already countless lives, and now even is announced the government will not fund livesustaining medical aid for Sharon, may it be clear your lives do not worry Zionism at all.  For if Sharon’s button will be pushed. Who do you think you are when you get that far?

Enough silencing the atrocities or hiding the ugly truth. Enough propaganda. Enough window dressing the curtains have already fallen you did not even notice. Enough muting those which voices have been silenced for too long It’s time for truth, human rights and peace for Palestine! Because we feel human without ideologic restrictions of ignorance, we care, and we  do want to warn the to become twitter expertised diplomats and anyone else for the consequences of spreading lies and hasbara for it is written:

‘He who speaks untruths shall not stand before My eyes’ |  Psalms 101:7

The button for hasbarats from yours truly

Hasbara is dying. Face it. Dangerous social media games – When a state must pay citizens to fight its online public relations wars, it has already lost.

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About Hasbara

Forget all details! It’s just about this!

Supported by… AIPAC

Funded by….

And all those supporting it paying for this…

Last but not least….

Or listen to Jewish mankind with a real conscience

Don’t think it’s about “Arabs” or “Islam”… we are all Goyim!

Something to ponder about…
For who not sees or who’s eyes are still closes. IOA has become exactly and even worse than those, they feared and hated once themselves. Using the same atrocities, policies to oppress, ethnically cleanse and eradicate human beings. Creating a new Shoah (Holocaust) for the Palestinians in 1948 with Al Nakba, and sustaining it by hasbara and the world’s ignorance or at least those not using their own mind to reconsider the realistic facts. So Hasbara in 16 words explained:

“Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it…”
~ Joseph Goebbels

…will be updated of course with related news or relevant counter “cyber truth ammo”. Stay Human, stay safe and Free Palestine!

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