The Israeli units took two administrative captives to court by force

[ PIC 29/10/2013 – 03:39 PM ]


GAZA, (PIC)– Palestinian Prisoners’ Center for Studies said that elements of the Israeli special units stormed at dawn Monday section 25 in the Negev prison, and took two administrative prisoners by force to the administrative court.

Media spokesman for the Center, researcher Riad al-Ashqar, explained that the special units stormed room 10, in which the human rights activist Osama Shaheen and captive Mahmoud Shlatoh, from al-Khalil, are held. The units searched the room, and then forcibly took the two captives to the administrative court.

Ashqar said that the prison has witnessed tension, as the special units showed a clear aggressive behavior towards the prisoners, who are waging protest steps against the unjust administrative detention, while the prison administration threatened them that this procedure will be taken against all the administrative prisoners who refuse to appear before the administrative courts.

The administrative prisoners have organized a program since the tenth of this month to protest the arbitrary policy of administrative detention, and decided to boycott the administrative courts since the twenty-fifth of this month.

The center appealed to international institutions to intervene to protect the administrative prisoners from the occupation repressive measures which aim to stop their protest steps by force.

The human rights activist held in the Negev desert prison Osama Shaheen warned of the deterioration of health conditions of the administrative prisoners and MPs after they started to boycott the prison clinic and the administrative courts.

Shaheen said in a statement that most of the administrative prisoners are suffering from chronic diseases.

Palestinian Prisoners Center for Studies held the Israeli occupation fully responsible for the lives of patient captives, and appealed to the human rights organizations and the Red Cross to intervene to save the sick prisoners in light of the deterioration of their health status.

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