Abu Marzouk: Israel prepares to launch a fierce war against Gaza

[ PIC 31/10/2013 – 12:19 PM ]

CAIRO, (PIC)– Dr. Mousa Abu Marzouk, member of Hamas Political Bureau, stated that the Israelis Escalated incitement and threats against Hamas will not succeed to break the movement’s will and determination.

In a statement published on his Facebook page, Abu Marzouk said that the Israeli occupation has filed a complaint against Hamas with UN Security Council, in addition to bombing the Gaza Strip a few days ago. The U.S. ambassador to “Israel” has visited the tunnel discovered running across Palestinian territories occupied in 1948.

He pointed out to the Israeli escalated raids and arrests against Palestinian journalists, MPs, university students, in addition to the Israeli continued incitement against Hamas in Gaza as a prelude to launch a fierce aggression against the Gaza Strip.

Despite these incitements and threats, Hamas will remain faithful to the blood of martyrs and the resistance option till the liberation of all of Palestine, he stressed.

Israeli media outlets and internal and external political forums started an incitement campaign against Hamas movement as a prelude to launch an aggression against Gaza.

Israeli military sources claimed in a report that Gaza resistance groups are building their strength in preparation for next conflict in light of the Egyptian restrictions on the strip and the financial crisis experienced by the movement, saying that “firing more Palestinian rockets will accelerate an Israeli aggression on Gaza to avoid more Israeli victims south of occupied territories.”

The next war between Israel and Hamas will be different. The Islamist group currently has only a number of M-75 rockets in its possession, but production is continuing at a fast pace, the Israeli military sources claimed.

“The Islamist group is building its strength in preparation for future conflicts with Israel. Its goal is to keep these wars as short as possible,” the sources added.

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Click to go to the report and link to full PDF for download

Click to go to the report and link to full PDF for download

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