Isn’t the PA really pathetic? ~ by Khalid Amayreh


[ 01/11/2013 – 02:54 PM ]

By Khalid Amayreh in occupied Jerusalem

The team of PLO representatives, who have been negotiating a possible but highly unlikely peace deal with Israel, reportedly submitted their respective resignations to Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas Thursday in protest against the latest Israeli provocations.

These provocations include, inter alia, the cold-blooded murder of two Palestinian youngsters near Jenin and in southern Gaza, approving plans to build additional 3500 settler units in the West Bank and a decision by the Israeli government to demolish more than a dozen Arab buildings in occupied Jerusalem. The demolitions, described as a brazen form of ethnic cleansing, would render hundreds of Palestinian homeless.

Israel has also disclosed plans to expel as many as 16,000 Palestinians from their homes in East Jerusalem, which would be the most daring move at ethnically cleansing Palestinians since 1967.

As usual, this settlement expansion and ethnic cleansing drew negative reactions from many quarters, including the usually toothless and flaccid statements from Washington and Brussels.

Predictably, Israel is flying in the face of these verbal denunciations. Israeli leaders calculate rather correctly that American and EU reactions are just disingenuous public relations gestures meant to appease the Palestinians.

Otherwise, Israel behaves as if there is a sort of tacit understanding with EU and US whereby Israel keeps up expanding settlements whereas Washington and Brussels or London or Paris for that matter- keep issuing the irksomely routine but innocuous objections..

It is really mind-boggling why the PA has not fathomed this vicious equation, the net result of which finds expression in the effective decapitation of any remaining prospects for the creation of a viable and territorially contiguous Palestinian state that is worthy of the name.

It is uncertain whether Abbas will accept the resignation of his negotiating team. But Abbas feels he has no choice but to be at the mercy of Israeli intransigence and recalcitrance. He repeatedly said that Israel and the PA, or more correctly the rapist and rape victims, must go on talking effectively for eternity.

As to the US, the pseudo honest broker, it seems it contents itself with the role of that proverbial judge who instructs the rapist and his victim to sort it out among themselves.

The PA leadership is supposed to be representing the Palestinian people. However, its utterly pathetic reactions to Israeli insolence and provocations do compromise Palestinian national dignity and underscore the pathetic negotiating position of the Palestinians..

Needless to say, doing this, compromising our national dignity, is not exactly the way to assert our rights vis-à-vis a criminal state which teaches its citizens that only the world’s 10 or 12 million Jews are bona fide human beings while the rest of humanity (6.5-7 billion human beings) are beasts walking on two legs whom the Almighty created to serve the supreme race!!

I don’t know how many more affronts and insults the PA will be receiving from Israel. It is possible the PA is too insensitive-or bereft of national honor- to feel these insults. Some figures within the Ramallah junta are likely to consider this ignominious discourse a form of “pragmatism and political realism”

To be sure, the PA is not without any political leverage or completely bereft of any political cards to play. The PA is performing a paramount function for Israeli security. This function, which Palestinian critics call treason, obliges the PA security agencies to work day and night to protect the security and well-being of more than 400,000 Jewish settlers living illegally and unlawfully on land that belongs to another people, the Palestinian people.

The PA can at the very least threaten to reduce the level of its security cooperation and coordination with Israel.

But the PA is unlikely to embark on such a daring feat even under the most pressing circumstances such as the partitioning or even demolition of the Aqsa Mosque.

In the final analysis, the current Palestinian leadership thinks that maintaining the “peace process,” despite its scandalous flaws, overrides any other considerations. Moreover, the PA knows that its own raison d’etre is to serve Israeli security interests which it carries out to the fullest under the rubric of security coordination.

I don’t know when or if the PA will wake up from its protracted hibernation. What is certain, however, is that the Palestinian people will not succumb to this disgrace for long?

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