Calls on PA to prosecute Israel for crimes against Palestinian prisoners

[ PIC 05/11/2013 – 12:24 PM ]


NABLUS, GAZA, (PIC)– Ahrar Center for Prisoners’ Studies and Human Rights strongly denounced the Israeli heinous crime against the martyr Hassan al-Turabi, 22, who was handed over to his family nearly dead after ten months of his arrest.

The center called on PA to prosecute the occupation authorities for the deliberate medical negligence policy against patient prisoners.

The martyr Hassen al-Tourabi was arrested since 1 January 2013 regardless his health situation where he suffers cancer, Ahrar center said.

He was transferred from Megiddo prison to Afula prison where he slipped into a coma after his health condition deteriorated, the center added.

The occupation authorities started then asking al-Tourabi family to pay his treatment costs in an attempt to disclaime any responsibility.

Hassan al-Tourabi died19 days after being handed to his family where he was in very serious health condition since the first day of his release.

Fuad al-Khuffash, the center’s director, stressed the need to work for prosecuting the occupation for its crimes against Palestinian patient prisoners.

Meanwhile, the Palestinian government in Gaza Strip denounced the Israeli racist and terrorist policy against Palestinian prisoners most recently was the martyrdom of Hassan al-Tourabi due to the Israeli deliberate medical negligence.

The government said that the occupation bears full responsibility for Hassan’s martyrdom where he didn’t receive any medical care especially that he suffers cancer, saying that it came as part of the Israeli systematic torture policy against Palestinian prisoners.

The Gaza government called on PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas to halt negotiations immediately and to prosecute the occupation authorities in international courts.

It also called on Palestinian, Arab and Islamic peoples to act urgently and effectively to raise prisoners’ issue in international forums to end the plight of the Palestinian prisoners.

The government demanded all international organizations, human rights institutions and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and the Arab League and contracting parties of Fourth Geneva Convention to intervene immediately to put an end to Israeli violations against prisoners and to work for their release.

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