Family of Jerusalemite captive Da’na appeals to save his life

[ PIC 05/11/2013 – 12:36 PM ]


GAZA, (PIC)– Family of Jerusalemite captive Ali Da’na, 35, appealed to all health institutions and human rights organizations to immediately intervene to save the life of its son, who has been suffering from serious health problems for many years.

Ali has been arrested 3 times, the last of which on 16 July 2003. The occupation sentenced him to 20 years imprisonment, after he was accused of helping in an attack on Jaffa beach that resulted in killing a settler and wounding another.

He was transferred from one jail to another and now is being held in the Negev prison, where the prison administration prevented him from completing his studies.

His brother Abu Abd Rahman told the Palestinian Prisoners’ Center for Studies that Ali has been suffering from several health issues in light of the medical negligence in the prison, noting that the prison doctor suspects that he has bowel cancer.

He also pointed out that his brother filed a complaint against the prison administration in the Supreme Court, which agreed to bring doctor to the prison to offer him treatment, but until now the prison administration has not issued a permit to allow the doctor visit the patient captive.

Da’na expressed his deep concern about the life of his detained brother in light of the serious deterioration of his health condition and the policy of medical neglect in the occupation jails.

For its part, the Palestinian Prisoners’ Center for Studies called on the human rights and legal organizations and the international medical institutions, particularly Doctors Without Borders, to immediately intervene to release the patient captive Ali Da’na and provide him with proper treatment.

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