PHOTOS | The funeral of Martyr Rami Zalbani

Silwanic | Tuesday, November 5, 2013 | 14:00

Hundreds of Jerusalemites participated in the funeral of Martyr Rami Al-Zalbani from Shu’fat refugee camp after performing the funeral prayer in Al-Aqsa Mosque.

The participants held the Martyr’s body and carried him towards King Faisal gate passing through Al-Sa’dyeh neighbourhood in the old city of Jerusalem and Harrods gate. They arrived at Al-Mujahedeen cemetery in Salah Eddin Street where he was buried. The participants held pictures of the Martyr and Palestinian flags as well as Fateh movement banners and Islamic ones, and chanted slogans in support of the Martyrs; note that Israeli forces were present in the path of the funeral.

On Monday night, 27-year old Rami Bajes Al-Zalbani from Shu’fat refugee camp passed away after being injured with wounds four years ago during clashes with the Israeli forces inside the refugee camp in support of Gaza. He was directly injured in his chest with a rubber bullet which damaged one his heart’s valves. Rami underwent several bypass surgeries but he needed a heart transplant but was unable to do it because of the high costs of the surgery.

الجنازة 2

الجنازة المقبرة

الجنازة صلاح الدين


الشهيد باب الساهرة

الشهيد رامي

جنازة الشهيد رامي

جنازة الشهيد

رامي باجس

شهيد المخيم

قوات شرطة

مقبرة المجاهدين 3

مقبرة المجاهدين

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