No Vaccine but Polio for Palestine!


Nov 9, 2013 by occpal

And Yes! Media is buzzing again about the altruistic ‘aid’ of this world and contribution to health of kids by buzzing media reports about 20 million kids to get polio vaccine after Syria outbreak. (Source) Of course because Europe is at alleged risk.

Not in Palestine though.

On May 20, 2012 I wrote about the hypocrisy of UN’s “Long and healthy Lives” program after a very worried friend and father of a child appealed to me for help as his child did not obtain necessary vaccinations because all vaccines in Gaza were depleted.

How ‘odd’

September 21, 2013 RTT reported the World Health Organization (WHO) has warned of a high risk of further international spread of wild poliovirus type 1 (WPV1) from Israel to its neighboring countries: A wild poliovirus was detected in West Bank and Gaza Strip (Source)

Also in september Israeli Haaretz (Source) reported 840,000 children under the age of nine had so far already been vaccinated while some 4000 Palestinian kids are denied vaccines by the same Israel (Source)

For who doubts the ‘selective’ application of the human right of medical care should read this report by Israeli Physicians for Human Rights detailing the exact policies imposed on ‘Arabs’ in Israel itself (Source) Warning: It’s shocking!

In the meanwhile the deprivation by Israel – which is btw obliged to offer or at least grant acccess to supplies/care based on Art 55 & 56 of the Fourth Geneva Convention to secure such (Source) –  is not lessening but worsening to intolerable heights.

Not only by lack of supplies but also by additional deprivation of power afflicting:

  • 88 dialysis machine (476 patients)
  • 103 infants in incubators
  • 45 operating rooms
  • 5 blood banks and more according to a report of MOH in Gaza of Nov 7, 2013 (Source)

And while deprivation of all elementary, most basic needs and so inalienable human rights goes unpunished, it stays silenced by media as well that a new catastophe hits Gaza where according to latest reports of today 70% of the people in northern Gaza suffer Hepatitis. (Source in Arabic)

Learn about “Excess Death”

Excess death, also called ‘Avoidable Mortality’ is the mathematic statistically to be proven science unleashed on demographic situations and deliberately imposed policies to cause avoidable death.

Now we come to the point, where no media buzzes, namely Israel’s largest WMD. Which kill more children than any bomb is able to. (Source)

It’s not it’s bombs, not it’s illegal weaponry which even kils after impact (Source) or cause cancer to which eventually those inflicted die as well especially under current circumstances in which exit for treatment abroad due to lack of possibilities inside Gaza already killed severeal people including 2 children of which one only 1 day old.

Hundreds of Gaza’s kidney patients for example face death (Source). While supplies of a dialysis treatment cost about 26$ per treatment, Gaza’s kidney patients are doomed to poison themselves to death as Israel imposed not only a total closure on the Gaza Strip but on entry or exit of patients and required supplies as well.

18,000 Children a day die due to deprivation

According to a very recent report by UNICEF. (Source) It was almost revolting to see Israel attended this same meeting (link included in previous resource) and even used it’s right of reply during the debate to deny every allegation. Revolting. Regarding the following facts:
Israel KILLS by deprivation of Healthcare

For an overview, how Israel deploys these kind of policies as a tool of extermination and silent genocide go here

So where’s your outrage? If you doubt about his genocidal ‘tactic’ you might want to read this post ” Starve them, shoot them, than give them cancer” (Source)

Want to get really shocked by facts, and especially what exactly

VIDEO Gazan patients face “endless” suffering due to Israeli blockade
Published on Oct 27, 2013 by PressTV

Officials in the Gaza Strip say hundreds of patients are at risk of dying due to the Israeli blockade that has been imposed on the besieged enclave for years. Chronic patients fear the worst is still to come amid an international inaction to bring an end to their sufferings. Press TV’s Ashraf Shannon reports from Gaza:

Don’t Lecture but Act!

Those who think to attack me again or going to feel the need to lecture or educate me on the dangers of vaccinations. I can assure you you are talking out of the comfortzone of a safe environment in which not 90% of water is deliberately polluted – of which UN is aware since 2005 (Source), dams are deliberately flooded to cause sewage to flow over and all together in Gaza cause of water borne diseases.

Reminding all of you that due to current power outage because Israel does not enter fuel in the Strip, no sewage no running water for these pumps and aquifiers need power too. Not even mentioning the deliberate starvation policies imposed by Israel which are buried by media ever since 2010 (Source) causing a slow but certain decrease of the immune system especially for the smallest and most vunerable among us.

Not even to mention, that in Gaza, where Israel casted Depleted Uranium, heavy metal DIME and other illegal weaponry, a little mercury in vacccinations may be the least of concern.

And none of your arguments justify imposing such policies on almost 850.000 Gaza’s of children under such circumstances.

The world’s responsible NGO’s and Health organisations should be ashamed. And media included for silencing the largest ongoing genocide by proxy.

Palestine’s Children have rights too.

And since media and these NGO’s slam mum, I call on you to raise awareness by sharing this post!

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