Government calls for forming international committee to investigate the killing of Yasser Arafat

[ PIC 08/11/2013 – 08:15 PM ]


GAZA, BEIRUT, RAMALLAH, (PIC)– Youssef Rizqa, political advisor to Palestinian Prime Minister in Gaza, called for forming an international committee to investigate the killing of President Yasser Arafat.

Rizqa ruled out that the PA will open an investigation to uncover Arafat’s killers, “because the Israeli entity will not allow that, as it is considered one of the main suspects.”

A report by Swiss scientists said the results of tests on Arafat’s remains “moderately support the proposition that the death was the consequence of poisoning with polonium-210”.

The tests demonstrated unexpectedly high levels of polonium and the report said polonium levels in bones and soft tissues were up to 18 times higher than the normal limit.

Hamas movement reiterated that the Israeli occupation is directly responsible for the assassination of President Arafat, and asked for opening an urgent investigation and taking the necessary measures to prosecute those involved in this heinous crime.

Hamas called in a press statement on Thursday the Palestinian Authority and Fatah movement to “immediately halt the futile negotiations with the Zionist enemy – which murdered the President Arafat and has been killing our people and leaders – and to stop security coordination with it.”

It also called for implementing the national reconciliation and uniting the ranks to confront the occupation plans and crimes.

Meanwhile, Palestinian citizens urged the leadership of the Palestinian Authority and the Fatah movement to carry out a thorough investigation to find out and confirm all the details and all elements of the case of Yasser Arafat’s assassination.

Palestinian citizen Yousef Mahmoud told PIC’s correspondent: “Yasser Arafat is an icon of the Palestinian people, and every Palestinian is supposed to be concerned with his case.”

He added: “Israel is involved in his assassination, no doubt about it.”

Yousef pointed out that there are indications showing that there is an international conspiracy to assassinate Arafat, and called on the Palestinian leadership to go to the international courts or competent bodies, and to end the negotiations.

Another citizen Salim Habayeb said: “Just as a committee was formed to investigate the killing of (slain Lebanese prime minister) Rafiq Hariri, there must be an international committee to investigate the killing of president Arafat.”

“The (test) results proved Arafat was poisoned by polonium, and this substance is owned by states, not people, meaning that the crime was committed by a state,” said the citizen Ahmad Asis.

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