Sorry Madam Arafat- but Sisi is not the right address for your appeal ~ by Khalid Amayreh

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By Khalid Amayreh in Occupied Palestine

Suha Arafat, widow of the late Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat, reportedly has called on the leader of the military coup in Egypt, Abdul Fattah Sisi, to help determine the identity of her husband’s murderer or murderers.

Mrs. Arafat has been quoted as saying “I appeal to Abdul Fattah al-Sisi to devote a special care to the subject of the death of Abu Ammar (Yasser Arafat’s nom de guerre) who had served in the Egyptian army as an explosives expert.”

She reportedly added: “Egypt must help us in resolving this crime. I hope that the Egyptian state and Mr. Sisi himself will take this issue very seriously and help us initiate a global probe into the circumstances surrounding Arafat’s death”

According to tests carried out by Swiss scientists, Arafat may have been poisoned with the radioactive substance, polonium.

The first forensic tests on samples taken from Yasser Arafat’s corpse reportedly have shown extremely high levels of radioactive polonium-210, suggesting the Palestinian leader may have been poisoned with the rare and lethal substance.

The Swiss scientists who tested Arafat’s remains after the exhumation of his body in November 2012 discovered levels of polonium at least 18 times higher than usual in Arafat’s ribs, pelvis and in soil that absorbed his bodily fluids.

The Swiss forensic report was handed to representatives of Arafat’s widow, Suha Arafat, as well as representatives of the Palestinian Authority on Tuesday, 5 November.

We know who murdered Arafat

I think most Palestinians know deep in their hearts that Israel, and no one else, is responsible for murdering Yasser Arafat. We only need to know the details of the crime.

Indeed, Neither Sisis, a mass murderer par excellance, nor Barack Obama or anyone else would be able, even if willing, to tell us how Israeli intelligence agents were able to reach Arafat and deliver the deadly substance into his body.

This task is the responsibility of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) and the Palestinian Authority (PA). . But, unfortunately, these people are too incompetent to perform this job.

Let us not fool ourselves and become a laughingstock of the world. Yasser Arafat was murdered by Israel which used Palestinian agents to deliver the deadly substance. These Palestinians dogs must have been members of Arafat’s immediate coterie or circle of trusted aides.

The ultimate answer as to who murdered Arafat lies in there, not with Sisi, the man who usurped his people’s will by overthrowing Egypt’s only democratically-elected President.

Besides, since when was Sisi involved in the business of resolving crimes and discovering the identities of murderers. The truth of the matter is that Sisi is a Nazi-like murderer who carries on his hands the unjustly-spilled blood of thousands of innocent Egyptians whose only “crime” was their participation in peaceful rallies protesting the criminal coup against the Egyptian people’s will. Indeed, despite the massacre of thousands of peaceful demonstrators, not a single murderer has been indicted, thanks to Sisi’s perfidy and criminality.

Hence, I call on Mrs. Arafat not to tarnish her husband’s memory by asking the Hitler of Cairo to help decipher the “puzzle” of Yasser Arafat’s death.

Every Palestinian boy and girl knows that Israel did it. How Israel was able to do it is the hard-and embarrassing question- that we must try to answer courageously and unflinchingly.

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