Ahrar: 22 Palestinians killed in the West Bank since the start of 2013

[ PIC 20/11/2013 – 02:56 PM ]


NABLUS, (PIC)– Ahrar Center for the studies of prisoners and human rights reported that 22 Palestinians have been killed since the start of the year 2013, by the Israeli occupation authorities (IOA) in different districts in the West Bank.

The center said that the 22 martyrs are young people, and most of them were killed by Israeli soldiers’ gunfire in clashes in towns and villages in the West Bank.

It noted that in January 2013 the liberated captive Ashraf Abu Dhari’a, from the city of al-Khalil, died four months after his release from the occupation jails, due to health problems which have aggravated because of the policy of medical neglect in the Israeli prisons.

The human rights center added that during the year 2013 three Palestinian captives died in Israeli jails. Patient prisoners Maysara Abu Hamdiya, 64, and Hassan al-Turabi, 22, died in hospitals after their health condition worsened due to medical neglect, while prisoner Jaradat Arafat, 30, died under torture during the interrogation in Megiddo prison.

For his part, director of Ahrar Center Fouad Khuffash stressed that the occupation attacks against the Palestinians in the West Bank are continuing.

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