Palestinian Mahmoud Obaidi dies of dehydration in Yarmouk refugee camp

[ PIC 21/11/2013 – 10:23 AM ]


DAMASCUS, (PIC)– A Palestinian young man died of dehydration and malnutrition in Yarmouk refugee, camp south of Damascus, on Wednesday night.

The action group for Palestinians in Syria said in a statement on Thursday that Mahmoud Obaidi died as a result of the tight siege on the Yarmouk refugee for 127 days so far.

It said that the Syrian regular army siege of the camp depleted most of its food stock and other basic and medical supplies, noting that hospitals and clinics in the camp were closed due to the continued shelling and looting.

The group said that almost all other refugee camps in Syria are subjected to similar siege and shelling.

The group also published appeals by Palestinian refugees fleeing Syria to Jordan calling for aiding them. The refugees said they were held in Cyber City compound and were isolated from the outside world and not allowed to leave the compound.

The refugees said that they were treated like detainees and are only allowed out if Jordanians guaranteed their return. They said that some families fled the compound in view of the difficult living conditions inside it and were now wanted for the Jordanian security.


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