Abu Marzouk: Till the false pregnancy period ends, the reconciliation shelved

[ PIC 23/11/2013 – 03:25 PM ]


CAIRO, (PIC)– Senior member of Hamas’s political bureau Mousa Abu Marzouk said that the Palestinian reconciliation efforts have been deferred until the end of the “false pregnancy period,” in reference to the current peace talks between the Palestinian Authority and Israel.

In remarks posted on his facebook page on Friday, Abu Marzouk stated that the repeated failure of the negotiations was detrimental to the Palestine liberation organization (PLO) and its executive committee, and the persistent wager on the Americans caused serious implications for the future of the Palestinian cause.

“Where are we going? During the [current] negotiation process, the negotiating team resigned in protest at the talks, which keep going on in vain. Abu Mazen (Mahmoud Abbas) took his decision to go to the negotiating table unilaterally without the consent of the PLO executive committee, which makes us question about the future of the PLO and its executive committee in the absence of any respect for its decisions,” the Hamas official underlined.

The Hamas official also criticized the Palestinian Authority for tirelessly believing in the American pledges about a Palestinian state.

“They pledged a [Palestinian] state a dozen times and everyone knows the outcome,” he said.

“If the political process, the current negotiations and the previous agreements did not stop the Zionists from settlement expansion, Judaization of Jerusalem and their racial measures against its natives, so what would be the situation and the action to be taken?” Abu Marzouk rhetorically questioned.

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