40-year-old prisoner suffers of medical negligence in Israel prison

Gaza, ALRAY – 40-year-old prisoner, Sherif Abu Wadei suffers from a bad health conditions ; Israel Prison Service (IPS) procrastinates  in providing the necessary  medical treatment for him, the Association of Palestinian prisoners, Hossam , reported on Sunday.

Abu Wadei ,  detained in Israel’s Nafha prison,  suffered of a sudden  swelling in his both feet last week and asked  for the medical treatment in the prison clinic.

According to Hossam  the prison doctor gave him just a pain killer saying that  he was good, but the swelling has increased gradually and then eerily, Which causes excruciating pain and inability to move.

The association warned of deteriorating  in his health condition because of Israel’s policy of medical negligence.

Abu wadei’s family asked the Red Cross to intervene immediately  and send a doctor to offer their son the appropriate medical treatment.

Abu Wadei, a father of two children,  was detained in 2008 on Gaza east boarder when he was in his way back after seeking medical treatment abroad.  He was badly injured by an Israeli warplanes attack in which Sami Abu Sharia  and Mohammed Ajjour were killed.

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