Report: Hundreds of European mercenaries in the ranks of the Israeli army

[ PIC 24/11/2013 – 10:16 AM ]

European mercernaries Israel Defense Forces

LONDON, (PIC)– A European human rights report revealed that hundreds of European mercenaries, who volunteer for military service in the ranks of the Israeli occupation army, participated in the killing of Palestinian civilians, especially in the Gaza Strip.

According to a comprehensive report the Euro-Mid Observer is working on; a number of organizations directly related to Jewish and Christian rightist groups in Europe have organized projects and campaigns in Europe to call on the Europeans to join the Israeli occupation army in the Palestinian territories and to join the campaigns of supporting the settlers’ operations against the Palestinians in the West Bank.

Information from the report said that one of these organizations working on recruiting European youths to fight in the ranks of the Israeli army, called Mahal, has an office in London and works on guiding foreigners to join the Israeli army through organizing information and awareness campaigns in European countries.

Thousands of volunteers from about 40 countries, mostly from Europe joined the Israeli army.

The report, to be published later by the Euro-Mediterranean Observer, said that the organization is targeting youth groups, males under the age of 24 and females under 21, through instructive programs that extend for 18 months.

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