Abu Marzouk: The power crisis may be resolved soon

[ PIC 27/11/2013 – 10:02 AM ]


CAIRO, (PIC)– Member of Hamas’s political bureau Dr. Mousa Abu Marzouk expected the emergence of positive results soon ending the electricity and fuel crises in the Gaza Strip.

“The government in Gaza has made every effort through contacting its friends and the concerned parties to contribute to solving the problem, and shortly positive results will come to the surface,” Abu Marzouk stated on his facebook page.

“The power provided to the Strip by the Zionist entity could rise to additional 100 megawatts and there would be spare parts for the station that may increase its production ability to 100 other megawatts,” the Hamas official said.

“Furthermore, understandings have taken place with the Palestinian Authority and Qatar via UNRWA to provide the Strip with its diesel needs,” he added.

He noted that Qatar had sent fuel shipments in aid to Gaza a long time ago and the Egyptian authority only allowed in one third of this aid and the rest is still held in the Suez city by the Egyptian petroleum company.

The Hamas official affirmed that the decision taken lately by the de facto government of the Palestinian Authority in Ramallah to raise the price of the industrial diesel bought by the Gaza power plant also exacerbated the power crisis in the Strip.


Click to go to the report and link to full PDF for download

Click to go to the report and link to full PDF for download

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