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By Khalid Amayreh

President Obama’s obvious reluctance to condemn the ongoing Israeli holocaust in the Gaza Strip caricatures a weak and dishonest character, who pays more attention to immediate parochial political considerations than to truth and moral honesty.

There is no other way to explain this shocking moral treachery.

It is sad and lamentable to watch the president of the most powerful nation on earth behave in such a disgraceful manner, watching the Judeo-Nazi Israeli state slaughter innocent civilians en masse while babbling the same stale refrain that Israel has the right to defend itself … defend itself by carrying a holocaust against babies and women and other civilians.

The Nazis could have made very much the same arguments that Israel is now making … that they had to exterminate millions of innocent people as an act of self-defense.

And there is no way any human being with an iota of honesty and morality can justify the ongoing Israeli holocaust in Gaza while seriously objecting to what the Germans did or may have done in the course of WWII.

A few days ago, a German friend told this writer that what Israel had been doing to the Palestinians in Gaza was effectively freeing many Old Germans from their feeling of guilt over the holocaust. The Jews he said were finally doing to the Palestinians what the Jews claim we had done to them in the course of the Second World War.

What the German friend forgot to mention is the striking similarity between some of the Israeli-Jewish arguments that we are hearing these days, and some of the arguments made by the Nazis and their supporters to justify their crimes. The Nazis argued that in war there were no holds barred, meaning that no restrictions, moral or otherwise, ought to be observed. Israeli rabbis are saying the same thing openly. One Israeli soldier, a graduate of a Talmudic school, boasted on Y-tube a few days ago that he murdered 13 Palestinian children. The sniper is likely to receive a citation or bravery medal for this criminal act. See -Israeli army whistleblower Eran Efrati says he was arrested for revealing accounts of Israeli crimes in Gaza (pic.twitter.com/hdMPyg1gfE).

To further underscore Obama’s scandalous lack of rectitude; he didn’t even allude to any Palestinians’ right to defend themselves against Israel’s formidable American-supplied machine of death.

Does Obama really expect the Palestinians to completely and absolutely disarm in order to allow the children and grand-children of the holocaust to reenact Auschwitz and Dachau in Gaza?

Well, to be honest, the Jews have already brought Concentration Camps to Palestinian homes, hospitals, mosques and neighborhoods in Gaza.

Obama’s scandalous collusion with Israel shows that the president and his administration are nearly totally subservient to the Israeli government and the powerful Jewish lobby which grabs the American government by the throat.

But this is by all means a new phenomenon. The Nazis of our time, I mean Zionist Jews, have been trying to annihilate the Palestinian people since time immemorial. And consecutive U.S. administrations always sided with the Judeo-Nazis by supplying the Judeo-Nazis in Tel Aviv with all types of deadly weapons to murder our people…and also by shielding the Judeo-Nazis from any international condemnation.

May God avenge these Jewish atrocities against a helpless and unprotected people whose only “guilt” is its enduring determination to be free from the clutches of Jewish Nazism.

As the prominent Palestinian historian Walid Khalidi said, the U.S. is undoubtedly the tormentor of our people if only by enabling and abetting Jewish Nazism in Palestine.

I am not trying to get Americans let alone their government, to sympathize with our plight.

One doesn’t seek justice in a thieves’ den nor seek safety in a snake’s hole.

After all, we are talking about the very people who slaughtered 15 million native Americans and then celebrated the genocide on a day they called Thanksgiving. Such a people and their governments are simply unqualified, morally or otherwise, to side with the oppressed against the oppressor. That is why America’s demise should be only a matter of time.

Of course, the same thing can be said about the ultimate demise and disappearance of the Judeo-Nazi entity known as Israel.

Israel is a cancer upon humanity. Yes, Israel tightly controls the government and Congress of the United States.

But even America with all its powers and resources will not be able to save Israel or itself from ultimate demise.

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For who does not understand the need or concept of resistance of Palestine, recommended read:

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Is Resisting Genocide a Human Right?

81 Notre Dame Law Review1275(2006). Conducting an in-depth study of the genocide in Darfur, Sudan, and also discussing other genocides, this article details the inadequacy of many of the international community’s response to genocides, such as “targeted sanctions” or international peacekeeping forces. Examining international legal authorities such as the Genocide Convention, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and the International Court of Justice, the article demonstrates that groups which are being subjected to genocide have a legal right of self-defense. International treaties, Security Council arms embargoes, or national gun control laws cannot lawfully be enforced in a manner which prevents self-defense resistance to a genocide in progress, because under international law, the prohibition against any form of complicity in genocide takes legal precedence over lesser laws. With Paul Gallant & Joanne D. Eisen. In PDF.


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* The list of shuhada does not display, the numerous victims of the zionist occupation which are undocumented by media. Nor it displays the victims of the “silent onslaught” due to restrictions of movement, ability to go to hospitals for treatment or life saving surgery, due to lack of medication because of the blockades and so on. For example: The Slow Motion Genocide by the Siege on Gaza only, killed 600 patients since Gaza got under Israeli Siege.

For an overview of All Israeli Massacres Palestinians go here

Neither does this list, display the avoidable mortality. A clear and statistical factual evidence, about the number of deaths due to indecent ruling by occupation forces. For even an occupier has obligations under International Laws, Geneva Convention and the Hague regulations, which it is neglecting. These circumstances, together with deliberate policies of the occupier to neglect and even deny every basic human right, severes avoidable mortality which is totally silenced by media or reporting organisations. While in the Holocaust, 1 on 6 Jewish people directly died of deliberate neglect, so if we believe the facts over 1 million due to avoidable mortality, neither should these same circumstances be ignores which are ongoing in Palestine. For this report displays a avoidable morality of at least 0,5 million Palestinians.

How many more dead corpses of Palestinians does the international community need to see in order to act? How many more cruelties and violations of Human Rights, Regulations and International Law will be needed to intervene so this ongoing warcrime is being stopped once and for all.

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