Precision of the Palestinian Resistance

A Voice from Palestine صوت من فلسطين

The Palestinian resistance displayed an extreme precision during the current war on Gaza. According to the Israeli official numbers, 63 of the 66 deaths of the Palestinian fire were militants (numbers correct as of August 1) – despite the lack of a sophisticated weaponry system on the Palestinian side. The Palestinian resistance acts as surgically as possible in a very difficult combat situation as most of the military targets are embedded in Urban areas in the cities of Jerusalem, Haifa, Asdod and other cities. Some of the infrastructure of the Zionist state and its military wing the “Israeli Defense Forces (IDF)” – Haganah in Hebrew – has been targeted by the Palestinian resistance without any civilian causalities. The enemy suffered huge economic losses. For example, the resistance rockets managed to shut down “Ben Gurion” airport, an airport that expanded on the ruins of ethnically-cleansed Palestinian villages Wilhilma, Abbasiyeh and Kofr Ana. The state’s…

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