Israeli left hand, Egyptian right hand: bloodied Gaza

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Nearly 2000 Palestinians are dead but Israel is not the only killing machine in this equation: Egypt is no less responsible. While not one Egyptian bullet has been used, it is clear that, Sisi is in Cairo smoking a celeberatory Cigar as Hamas absorbs one blow after another. For the Sisi regime political calculations rule the day. in the Sisi machination the destruction of political Islam, securing his borders to the east and a foreign policy that meshes with his domestic policy are the priorities of this dynamic.

Innocent civilians falling by the way side? Dead children piling up? Mothers no longer alive? Grandfathers and grandmothers who will not celeberate another grand child’s birthday? No problem says, a surprisingly Machiavellian, Sisi. When Israeli media reports that Israeli officials fear that Sisi has tightened the tunnel and the Rafah Crossing vice too tightly you know that Egypt foregin policy has taken…

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