Palestinian prisoners falling prey to Israeli hounding

[ PIC 12/08/2014 – 05:10 PM ]


AL-KHALIL, (PIC)– Palestinian human sources raised on Tuesday alarm bells over the unbearable detention circumstances endured by Palestinian prisoners inside of the Israeli Ramon and Nafha lock-ups.

Prisoners told the PIC an Israeli special Dror unit broke into Ramon prison on Tuesday and carried out arbitrary search-campaigns targeting Palestinian prisoners and their personal belongings. A number of prisoners were dragged to other prison cells.

The assault was carried out with no regard whatsoever for the escalation threats released by the prisoner movement.

The Israeli prison administration has been exploiting the media coverage of the Gaza offensive to intimidate the Palestinian prisoners.

A round of search operations was launched by the Israeli occupation forces in Nafha prison on Monday and in Negev Sunday, the same sources added

Lawyer of the Palestinian Prisoner Society, Fawaz al-Shloudi, documented, following a visit to Gazan prisoners held in Nafha, the tragic circumstances endured by Gazan prisoners, most of whom lost their relatives and offspring in the Israeli offensive while others have been overwhelmed by a state of unparalleled anxiety over the fate of their displaced children and wives.

The Israeli offensive affected every single prisoner. What has added fuel to fire is that the Israeli prison administration has been cracking down on the detainees by isolating them from the outside world and denying them family visits, the lawyer added quoting Gazan prisoners.

The Israeli prison administration has deliberately launched large-scale search campaigns, summoning reinforcement of around 500 members of the repression forces and rummaging around the cells after having forced all of the prisoners out.

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