Deliberate medical negligence: Palestinian prisoner patients launch distress signal

[ PIC 20/08/2014 – 12:03 PM ]

RAMALLAH, (PIC)– The Israeli prison authority has been dragging its feet vis-à-vis Palestinian prisoner patients held in al-Ramla prison clinic, denying them urgent medical check-ups and needed therapy.

Prisoner Riyadh al-Amour, serving 11 back-to-back life sentences, said following a visit paid by lawyers at the Palestinian Prisoner Society: “Whole years have passed by since I have launched a distress signal over my tragic situation. I appealed to the authorities to urgently change a pacemaker planted in my body since I was arrested 10 years ago, but to no avail.”

The Israeli prison authorities also informed the prisoner patients that food quantities and qualities served to them would be reduced, paying no heed to the prisoners’ critical health status, he further charged.

Prisoner Nahed al-Akraa from al-Amari refugee camp, sentenced to life, called for the reactivation of the prisoner patients’ cause and for the launch of a large-scale intervention at all levels to halt such Israeli slow-death tactics.

Al-Akraa had two of his legs amputated due to the severe wounds he sustained in Israeli assaults, causing him a long-term paralysis. Al-Akraa is in need of urgent treatment due to the swift spread of infections in what was left of his legs.

Other wounded prisoners, incarcerated in Israeli lock-ups, are also in need of urgent treatment and medical follow-ups, including prisoner Adnan Abu Muheissen, diagnosed with a triple paralysis and sentenced administratively to four months.

Prisoner Rabi Sbeih, from Bethlehem, was rushed to Ramla clinic after he was diagnosed with symptoms of a deadly stroke, lawyer of the Prisoner Society said quoting a number of detainees.

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