Egypt , Israel : Propoganda Inc.

Words Reign Supreme

If you are unjust, If you are an autocrat, propoganda is both your pillow and blanket. Egyptian and Israeli leadership, with Sisi and Bibi at the helm, both understand this political subtlety; it is a subtlety that hits with a hammer’s force. Though, autocracts, traditionally, turn a blind eye towards history Bibi and Sisi,seperated by only 2 letters in their political noms de Guerres, fully understand the impact of propoganda on their domestic audiences. The governing principle of propoganda is a barrage of untruths, repeated often enough by multiple sources, will result in ‘untruth’ becoming ‘truth.

For both leaders there is a common enemy: political Islam. In Egypt, unless you have hybernating in a cave, that ‘enemy’ is the Muslim brotherhood. Until July 3 2013 it was, De Facto, MB rule. Sisi, via coup, quickly changed that reality. But Sisi, somewhere along the way in his graduate studies or perhaps…

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