Israeli jailers storm Hadarim jail, intimidate Palestinian prisoners

[ PIC 21/08/2014 – 09:41 AM ]

RAMALLAH, (PIC)– Special Israeli units, escorted by large numbers of policemen, stormed on early Wednesday morning prison sections at Hadarim jail and launched a large-scale search campaign against Palestinian political prisoners, Palestinian human rights sources reported.

Palestinian Prisoners Center for Studies said in a press statement, a state of emergency has been suddenly announced at the Hadarim prison as dozens of heavily armed occupation police and special troops, led by sniffer dogs, broke into prison sections and forced all of the Palestinian prisoners out of their cells before instigating a round of provocative search campaigns and smashing most of the inmates’ personal belongings.

A state of panic prevailed at Hadarim jail due to such arbitrary break-ins carried out under pretext of an escape attempt, the center further documented, comparing the incident to what happened in Megiddo prison two weeks ago as part of Israel’s attempts to justify its maltreatment and bullying of Palestinian political prisoners.

The center documented 16 break-ins carried out since early August. The Israeli prison administrations have been increasingly storming prison sections and assaulting Palestinian inmates, intensifying their already-tragic state of affairs.

Tension ran high in Israeli lock-ups as Palestinian prisoners have been voicing their disapproval over such arbitrary polices and the series of sanctions issued against Hamas and Islamic Jihad captives.

In a related development, Palestinian Prisoner Society said the Israeli occupation authorities renewed Muhammad Najjar’s administrative prison term.

The prison sentence has been issued against 31-year-old al-Najjar, from the Fawwar refugee camp and held in custody since 23 April, only one day before he was due to be released on Thursday.

Al-Najjar has been arrested at least eight times, mostly under the administrative pretext, and has gone through several hunger strikes to protest Israel’s arbitrary detention policies.

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