Look @ the Birdy: Egyptian style

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Look at the birdy‘ is a phrase few childhoods, the world over, are free of. But, whereas, those languid memories bring smiles and pleasure as children when we encounter the same dynamic, as adults, only trouble is our partner. Egypt, historically, has provided a perfect example of this and now more than ever.

The idea is simple yet remains highly effective: take a nation in deep distress, add a pliable government-obediant media, stir in a, largely, politically naive populous and presto: the game begins. Egypt has a slew of real and progress decapitating problems: a defunct tourism industry, under-employement, electricity crisis, sexual assault, security crisis to name a few and all are capped off by hyper division. But open an Egyptian paper or an Egyptian TV channel and you are just likely to see one of these issues as you are to see a 3 hour program on…

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