Souls Lost. Souls remembered

Words Reign Supreme

The idea forced its way to the surface: whether one person reads this, or 1 million, the soul I mourn must be remembered. Regardless of your beliefs two facts are universal: we are born and at some point in our journey we perish.

Sometimes, in the all too often hazy journey of life, we meet a soul and fate chooses to shine a light upon it. He appeared in my journey at a juncture where my writer’s tool appeared whithered and dying. He listened, though it was not in his nature to do so. As I spoke my eyes would flutter from his graying hair to his thick glasses but most of all to fatherly eyes that absorbed the aches of life- both mine and his own. As conversations wore on his message was one: write. Write, he said, because we are each given a weapon with which to tackle…

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