The Gandhi Principle & The Middle East

Words Reign Supreme

“The function of a civil resistor is to invoke a response’, one of the wisest men once said.  The notion that ‘ 100,000 Englishmen simply can not control 350,000,000 Indians if those Indians refuse to cooperate.’ amazed me at a young age. Those were great words. That was among the greatest of men: Mohandis Gandhi.

The sheer rationale, self respect, and overwhelming sense of dignity remain in the possession of a singular man who has, long ago, passed unto another world. Turn on any TV, flick through the pages of any newspaper regarding MENA and you will quickly discover how deeply 10’s of millions are in desperate need of genuis like Gandhi’s.. But it is not Ganndhi, per se, that MENA needs; it is the notion of civil resistance that needs to come rise to the forefront of political discourse.

In every one of the nations experiencing strife,instability or war…

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