Palestinian ex-detainee dies, another suffers serious health problems after deliberate medical neglect by Israel

[ PIC 31/08/2014 – 02:08 PM ]

AL-KHALIL, (PIC)– Palestinian ex-detainee Sufiyan Iskafi, 31, was proclaimed dead after he lost his battle with cancer, while the health condition of ex-detainee Naim Shawamreh seriously declined, the Palestinian prisoner society said on Saturday.

Director of the society in Al-Khalil Amjad Annajar said that Iskafi was jailed by the Israeli occupation several times, during which he spent a total of five years, noting that he left behind a wife and one child.

Annajar also said that ex-detainee Naim Al-Shawamreh underwent emergency surgery in a hospital in Al-Khalil city on Saturday morning after he suffered health complications.

According to doctors, Shawamreh had received medical treatment in Jordan and Germany, but he still suffers from medical problems in his tongue and lips and persistent head pains.

He also cannot talk or eat easily, in addition to his suffering from other physical complications.

The death of Iskafi and the difficult health condition of Shawamreh are both living testimonies to the policy of medical neglect being pursued against the Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails.

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