The Sphinx & Sisi

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Of the 7 billion inhabitants of planet earth there are few who know not of the silence of the Sphinx. Silent for thousands of years he threatens to speak: such has been the magic of Sisi.

Consider the facts, in last week alone:

– Mentally challenged young woman, reportedly, raped by a policeman.

– A video of the 3 Egyptian policemen descrating a dead body.

– Religious authorities passing a Fatwa making inter gender chatting verbotten.

– A glorious edict by the minister of Sports decreeing the seperation of the sexes in Egypt’s gymnasiums.

– An Egyptian activist jailed after testifying to the Rabaa massacre.

– The death of Ahmed Seif, the grand Ol’ leader of Egyptian HR movement, not of heart surgery complications but of heart break.

One more week of such ‘ Sisi democracy ‘ and the sphinx will be silent no more.

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