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The Sole & Common Enemy of  Middle East- World Peace & Co-Existance is called: Zionism

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The comments on this weblog are closed. The reason for this is to prevent any kind of hatred, racism towards religions or propaganda.

To prevent either Anti-Semitic, Islamophobic, Holocaust/Nakba denial remarks; Islam/Muslim, Judaism/Jews, Christianity/Christian-Bashing, Sexism, Bigotry or otherwise offending content, there is no possibility here to comment on posts.

If you think hatred based remarks on bases of religion or anything else mentioned above is necessary,  you are on the wrong blog here. Freedom of speech allows you within margings of your law to start one for yourself. Fear God, for hatred and intolerance is no teaching of no Religion.  Being humanitarian is one of the blessings from God. Hatred is not one of them. There is only one race. The Human Race.


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