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#PalHunger | Young man on hunger strike in Maskobiyeh jail in protest at his detention

[ PIC 04/08/2014 – 12:47 PM ] OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– A Palestinian family appealed to human rights groups to intervene to have its son Murad Aliyan released from Israel’s Maskobiyeh detention center in west Jerusalem, saying he is in a very poor health condition. Murad Aliyan, from Ras Al-Amud district in east Jerusalem, was detained […]

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IPS special unit assaults Palestinian prisoners

[ PIC 22/07/2014 – 12:12 PM ] RAMALLAH, (PIC)– Soldiers of the Matsada, the Israeli prison service’s special unit, attacked Palestinian prisoners in Megiddo prison at night while offering Tarawih prayers. Fuad al-Khafsh, the director of the Ahrar center for prisoner studies, said on Tuesday that Matsada unit soldiers broke into ward six of Megiddo […]

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PA releases leader Khader Adnan after protests over his arrest

[ PIC 28/11/2013 – 12:01 PM ] JENIN, (PIC)– PA’s security services was forced to release the leader of the Jihad Movement Khader Adnan, hours after his arrest following his protest against the policy of the arbitrary political detention against activists. Palestinian intelligence elements raided on Wednesday the house of Sheikh Khader’s cousin Farouk Moussa […]

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Ashkelon prisoners start a hunger strike

Ashkelon prison Al Ray Agencies | Nov 23, 2013 Gaza, ALRAY – Ashkelon Prisoners started an open hunger strike to protest violent raids on their cells and strip searches, which led to clashes and caused injuries among them. The Palestinian Prisoner’s Society (PPS) said on November 20 that the raids took place on Monday, November […]

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#PalHunger | Three administrative detainees: Mohammed Asy, Anas Asy, and Thaer Abdogo on hunger strike

[ PIC 23/11/2013 – 09:49 AM ] NABLUS, (PIC)– Three Palestinian administrative detainees in Israeli jails went on hunger strike last Monday 18/11, Ibrahim Al-Araj, the lawyer of the ministry of prisoners, said on Saturday. He said in a statement that the strikers are Mohammed Asy, Anas Asy, and Thaer Abdo and are all from […]

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Zaarir: administrative captives will begin escalatory steps

[ PIC 22/11/2013 – 09:25 PM ] AL-KHALIL, (PIC)– Palestinian MP Bassem Zaarir announced that the administrative detainees will start escalatory steps, including open hunger strike to end their detention, adding that the prisoners’ suffering has continued in the absence of a real move to release them. Zaarir, who was released on Thursday from the […]

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Urgent: Hunger striker Alaa Hammad is nearing death

[ PIC 22/11/2013 – 06:23 PM ] GAZA, (PIC)– Jordanian prisoner Alaa Hammad is nearing death after 204 days of hunger strike in Israeli jails, human rights sources confirmed. Waed Association for prisoners expressed deep concern over the serious health condition of hunger striker Alaa Hamdan without any national or international attention to his issue. […]

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#PalHunger | Palestinian Detainees In Asqalan Conduct Hunger Strike

Al Qassam Website | 20-11-2013,08:35 Gaza – The Palestinian Prisoners Society (PPS) has reported that Palestinian detainees held at the Israeli Asqalan Prison started an open-ended hunger strike after special units of the Israeli army invaded the prison on Monday November 18 2013, and injured several detainees. The PPS said that tension is gradually mounting […]

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#PalHunger | Akram Al-Fsissi continues his hunger strike for 36 days, suppression in Gilboa prison

[ PIC 04/11/2013 – 03:56 PM ] AL-KHALIL, (PIC)– Palestinian captive Akram al-Fsissi, from Ethna village west of al-Khalil, has continued his hunger strike for 36 days in a row protesting his administrative detention. Al-Fsissi, 30, began his strike since 29 September while he was in Ofer prison. He was then transferred to Ramle prison […]

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#PalHunger | IOF forces MP Hatem Qafisha in administrative detention to break his strike

[ PIC 02/11/2013 – 02:34 PM ] AL-Khalil, (PIC)– Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) have forced a detained Palestinian MP to conduct medical tests due to his health deterioration after boycotting medicines and Israeli prison clinics as part of the administrative detainees’ protests. Palestinian human rights sources said that IOF transferred on Saturday the MP Hatem […]

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#PalHunger | Fasisi transferred to hospital on 30th day of hunger strike

[ PIC 28/10/2013 – 11:12 AM ] AL-KHALIL, (PIC)– Detainee Akram Yousef Fasisi has been transferred to hospital after 30 days of hunger strike protesting his administrative detention, his family said on Monday. Family members told Ahrar center for prisoners’ studies and human rights that Fasisi had started his hunger strike on 29th September and […]

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#PalHunger | Alaa Hammad continues his hunger strike since 177 days

[ PIC 25/10/2013 – 11:29 AM ] NABLUS, (PIC)– Jordanian prisoner Alaa Hammad, 35, sentenced to 12 years, continued his hunger strike launched since 176 days despite his serious health deterioration. Hammad is being held in Barzillai Hospital where he suffers serious and critical health conditions, human rights sources said. Hammad suffers from chest pains […]

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Halahleh’s father calls for his release | @Ufreenetwork @MSF_USA @ICRC @Amnesty @PHR_IL

[ PIC 23/10/2013 – 11:56 AM ] AL-KHALIL, (PIC)– The father of the prisoner Thaer Halahleh, from Kharas village near al-Khalil, appealed on Wednesday to all human rights institutions to intervene to get his son released in light of his sharp health deterioration. Haj Halahleh told the PIC reporter that his son was transferred from […]

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#PalHunger | Israel’s IPS transfers hunger striker Akram Al-Fasisi to Ramle clinic

Al Qassam website | 21-10-2013 09:58 Nablus- The Israeli prison service (IPS) transferred hunger striker Akram Al-Fasisi from Ofer jail to Ramle prison infirmary. Lawyer Jawad Bulous, the director of the legal affairs department at the Palestinian prisoner’s society, said in a statement on Sunday that the IPS transferred the Palestinian prisoner after his health […]

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Health of captive Shawamra on the decline

[ PIC 13/10/2013 – 11:41 AM ] AL-KHALIL, (PIC)– The health condition of prisoner Naim Shawamra from Dura town in Al-Khalil has seriously deteriorated as of late. Shawamra appealed to all human rights groups and official and public institutions to inquire about his condition and to immediately step in and demand his release. He said […]

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