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Our Paradise on Earth | A story of the Nakba from A Voice From Palestine

“Yamma, wake up, its morning and we have work to do”. It was the olive harvest season and for over a month the whole family together with the entire village had been spending the day in the olive fields. My father and my elder brothers had left earlier. I went to the storeroom, grabbed a […]

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The Nakba: Marking 63 Years After a Catastrophe

IMEU, May 11, 2011 “We thought it would be a matter of weeks, only until the fighting died down. Of course, we were never allowed to go home.” Nina Saah, Washington, DC “My family’s farm of oranges, grapefruits and lemons, centuries old, was gone.” Darwish Addassi, Walnut Creek,  California “Those of us who left unwillingly […]

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Nakba Survivor | Rosa Remembers Palestine – video

A rare, in-depth interview with an original refugee/survivor of Al Nakba, which is Arabic for The Catastrophe, referring to when Zionist Jews came to Palestine in 1947, and committed on-going acts of terror against the Palestinian people living there, in order to drive the Palestinians out of their homeland, and create a Jewish state: Israel. […]

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