Some topics related to Palestine or Palestinian people deserve to be highlighted due to severe violations of Human Rights. In the special topic pages below  you  will find background information, resources, reports. The topics are also continuously being updated with all related news published by media.


Mission | Welcome to Palestine 2012
Campaign | Thirsty for Justice | #T4J
Campaign | Prisoner of the Day Campaign


Children of Palestine Topic | in pictures
Ethnic Cleansing
Flotilla II | The Armada
Gaza Under Attack  Topic | in pictures | in pictures 2
Human rights groups organise public protest at power of AIPAC
Israel’s Next Whitewash of (Another) Zionist Massacre
Israel’s Weapons a Warcrime on Humanity
Juliano Mer-Khamis
Palestinian Prisoners Topic | in pictures
Palestinian Refugees Topic | in pictures
Settler Violence
Silwan, No Legend Yet
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