1517 Palestinian Children have been killed by Israeli Occupation since 2000: Remember these children

Abeer Skafe,10 years old, died after Israeli denial see her imprisoned Father | April 22, 2011


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Album | Children of Palestine

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Latest News About the Children of Palestine

Below posted, an impression of several months news, related to Children of Palestine. For all posts on this blog and the latest news about abuse, kidnap, detention of children go to the:  Category Children

What can You Do?

First of all and most important, share the news!

Create awareness for these atrocities seldom reach international media. Below this post you can share this article to facebook, DIGG, twitter and more social media. Feel also free to take any content for your own blog or website. Spread the truth about these ongoing Israeli policies of abuse, torture, human rights violations, violations of the Rights of the Child as stated in the Universal treaty and even assassination of children.

Send an Email to Defence For Children

Send an Email to Defence For Children International Headoffice by using this form on their website, and ask their intervention against this violations of the Rights of Children!

Envoyez un email à Defence for Children International Headoffice en utilisant le formulaire sur leur site, et demandez leur intervention contre cette violation des droits de l’enfant!

Enviar un correo electrónico a la Defensa Internacional centrales de los Niños Oficinas utilizando el formulario en su sitio, y pedir su intervención en contra de esta violación de los derechos de los niños!

Sign the Petition

Free the Children of Palestine | Petition

Headoffice by using this form on their website, and request their intervention against this violations of the Rights of Children!

More info:

Video About Illegal Detention of Children:

Stolen Children, Stolen Lives – Israel’s arrest and abuse of Palestinian Children – video


Now it’s time to get a fever and get sleepless and ACT! Write them an email or call, fax, tweet, share, post, blog and spread this information.

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