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PHOTOS | Ongoing suffering at Rafah Border in Gaza claimed second life of 1 day old baby

Sept 28, 2013 | Updated Sept 30, 2013 Although mainstream media is reporting Egypt opened the border and restrictions have been lifted after a long lasting closure, only 62 people were allowed to leave Gaza and about 120 returned. The obstruction of the entry and exit was to blame on an alleged computer network failure […]

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A 1 day old baby died at Egyptian side of Rafah crossing – Second dead due to the Israeli-Egyptian siege on Gaza

Al Ray Agencies | Sept 28, 2013 Gaza, ALRAY – Newborn baby died Saturday after he made his way to life Friday on the Egyptian side of the Rafah crossing. Ministry of Interior reported medial resources as saying that Mohamed al- Mashharawi was born Friday at night at the Egyptian side of the Rafah border […]

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