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Unsettled, Unlawful, Unresolved: Israeli Settlers in a Foreign Land

Settler Violence Topic | Category | Pictures | New: Interactive Map by Graham Peebles |  February 3rd, 2012 | Dissident Voice Violence, abuse, non-accountability, hate — such is communal living today within the occupied West Bank, where some 518,974 colonisers sit within “200” illegal settlements. According to Noam Chomsky: The settlements cover over 42% of the Occupied […]

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420 Palestinian Prisoners Join Hunger Strike

Palestine’s Prisoners – Worldwide Event Oct 12,2011 | Pictures | Topic | Category Palestine News & Info Agency – WAFA – October 10, 2011 RAMALLAH, (WAFA) – 420 Palestinian prisoners in ‘Gilboa’ Prison Monday joined the open hunger strike to protest the Israeli prisons’ administration’s arbitrary measures practiced against them, said a Palestinian official. Minister […]

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