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Extension of administrative detention of Dr. Yousef Abdul Haq for the second time

31 March 2012 | Tanwer | ISM Human beings are born free, but we are surrounded by restrictions everywhere Jean-Jacques Rousseau Today on the thirty-sixth anniversary of the Palestinian Land Day, which confirms for our people the unity and integrity of our case, the unity of its land, and the right of return and self-determination, […]

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PRESS RELEASE – Israeli Judge Orders Dr. Yousef Abdul Haq To Remain In Prison Without Charge

Wednesday February 08, 2012 10:22 by Alliance of Concerned Jewish Canadians | IMEMC – PRESS RELEASE – The Israel military court has extended administrative detention for two months in addition to three months already detained for civil rights lawyer Dr. Yousef Abdul Haq, a lecturer at An-Najah National University and the Cultural Coordinator for the […]

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