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Seven years of popular resistance in Al-Masara: ‘We want freedom, not aid money’

26th October 2013 | International Solidarity Movement, Khalil Team | Al Masara, Occupied Palestine Some of the protesters at the demonstration Friday 25th October, over a hundred non-violent protesters, half of them internationals frommore than a dozen countries all over the world marked the seventh anniversary of the popular struggle of the people of Al […]

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Al Ma’asara – 5 years to the struggle – Oct 21, 2011 – video

Related: IN GOD ..oh no.. IN DOG WE TRUST | Wanted Dead Not Alive Demonstration of Palestinians, Israeli and International activists against the wall in the West Bank village of Ma’sara     Source Israel is NOT looking for Peace but for this: “Greater Israel” Published by Radical Settler Movement On Aug 30,2010 Before previous […]

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