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UPDATED: Cousins of teenager murdered at checkpoint arrested ~ by @IsmPalestine

18th May 2013 | International Solidarity Movement, Team Nablus | ‘Anabta, Occupied Palestine UPDATED: Two brothers of the arrested Deiyaa’ Nassar, cousins of the murdered Amer Nassar, were arrested last week Monday, May 13 past 2 am at night. Deiyaa’ Nassar, 19, and Fadi Abu-’Asr continue to be held in Mejiddo Israeli prison as their […]

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Live Blog | Israel assassinated two teens, wounds three near Tulkarem (Live Updates – Video – Photos)

Will be updated continuously. Related news, footage and updates below this article Update: Aside initial reports of the killing of a 17 year old child, Ma’an News Arabic covers the news about a second shaheed Naji Abdul Karim Balbisi, 18 years old, also shot East of Tulkarm (Article in Arabic here) Reported by the ISM: Two […]

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