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Amnon Dankner: Decline to brutality – I am ashamed

      14 January 2011 IOA Editor: It is good that Mr. Dankner has finally awakened from his self-inflicted vacuous state of mind, as former editor of Maariv, one of Israel’s two most popular rags. Unfortunately, the extent of his appreciation of Israel’s decline is remarkably limited. Indeed, very little and very late. Yet, […]

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Former editor of Maariv says ‘I’m Ashamed of Being Israeli’ | Jews for Justice for Palestinians

Amnon Dankner: ‘I’m Ashamed of Being Israeli’ Richard Silverstein, 11 January 2011 Amnon Danker, former editor of one of Israel’s most popular dailies, Maariv, has written a scathing essay excoriating Israel and the current political situation there.  The terms he uses are savage and unsparing.  It’s rare for such mainstream cultural and media figures to […]

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