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Avnery Reveals: The Return of the Generals

Related: Gaza Under Attack – in pictures By James M. Wall * | Sabbah Report | http://www.sabbah.biz | Aug 22, 2011 Uri Avnery, intrepid columnist, ageless Israeli peace activist, and retired IDF soldier, has seen, up close, the actions of every government Israeli voters have put in office since the nation was created. He is […]

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Israel adopts laws targeting Arab citizens and criminalizing boycott of Jewish settlements

Sabbah Report | March 28, 2011 By Uri Avnery * | Sabbah Report | http://www.sabbah.biz In a rare late-night session, the Knesset has finally adopted two obnoxious racist laws. Both are clearly directed against Israel’s Arab citizens, a fifth of the population. The first makes it possible to annul the citizenship of persons found guilty […]

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Wave in favor of Palestine gathers momentum – Arab News

    URI AVNERY | ARAB NEWS Jan 23, 2011 22:04 PLO’s permanent delegation in Washington has been allowed to fly the Palestinian flag over its building ISRAEL IS, as we well know, the land of unlimited impossibilities. In Israel, for example, the diplomats are striking. Postmen strike. Longshoremen strike. But diplomats — the most […]

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