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Tutu: Palestine must not be made of Bantustans

Ethnic Cleansing – Topic | Settlement Construction – Category Maan News Agency | Nov 6, 2011 CAPE TOWN, South Africa (Reuters) — Archbishop Desmond Tutu on Saturday called for a Palestinian state that is contiguous and not made of Bantustans, at an international gathering in Cape Town. South Africa’s peace icon delivered the opening address […]

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#StateofPalestine: “Nothing more than a mirage”

Recognising Palestine? The efforts of the Palestinian Authority to push for statehood are nothing more than an elaborate farce, writer says Ali Abunimah | Last Modified: 13 Apr 2011 16:15 If historical precedents in Lebanon and Syria are any indication, the declaration of statehood by the Palestinian Authority will have little effect, despite what Palestinian prime […]

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