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Ramzy Baroud: My Father Was A Freedom Fighter – Gaza’s Untold Story

March 28, 2011 On 25th March 2011, Palestinian activist Maha Rahwanji hosted a mesmerising evening in conversation with Ramzy Baroud, the editor-in-chief of the Palestine Chronicle, about his recent book ‘My Father Was A Freedom Fighter – Gaza’s Untold Story’. The book can be described as a ‘peoples history’ of Palestine – by following the […]

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Failure of Academia: A Book Not Meant to Be Published

17:49 01/13/2011 Was Tripathi punished for challenging the conventional approach to Afghanistan? By Ramzy Baroud Deepak Tripathi’s most recent book, Breeding Ground: Afghanistan and the Origins of Islamist Terrorism (Potomac Books) raises several issues, both within and outside of its content. It is based on research for his doctoral dissertation, the qualification for which he […]

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Declaring Palestine: Revisiting Hope and Failure | Dissident Voice

    by Ramzy Baroud / January 7th, 2011 When late Palestinian President Yasser Arafat read the Declaration of the Palestinian Independence just over 22 years ago, Palestinians everywhere were enthralled. They held on to his every word during the Palestinian National Council (PNC) session in Algeria on November 15, 1988. The council members incessantly […]

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