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#PHOTOS | Protest march and bike ride in South Hebron Hills firing zone

by Team Khalil | 8 December 2012 | International Solidarity Movement, West Bank Close to one hundred protesters marched and rode bicycles in a peaceful march through several villages in South Hebron Hills on Saturday 8 December. The purpose of the symbolic protest was to draw attention to and oppose the eviction orders issued to […]

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Critical Mass Tel Aviv bicycle ride against the Gaza siege and the Israeli Occupation — Israeli Occupation Archive

  12 January 2011 YouTube – 11 Jan 2011 On January 11, 2011 Israeli activist Yonatan Pollack began a 3 month jail sentence for riding his bike in a protest against the criminal siege of Gaza. While the war criminals responsible for the siege go free and siege protesters like Pollak are jailed. The protesters […]

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